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Beltmann Moving and Storage is the leading choice among available corporate relocation moving services in Fort Lauderdale. At Beltmann, it’s one of our core competencies! Our staff fully understands the high stakes of relocating employees and what it means for overall business operations. This is why we have created comprehensive price-saving systems to satisfy the specific needs of your organization. Designed to provide excellence to national account customers, we can even provide a top-tier corporate Executive Relocation Moving Service.

 Beltmann’s Best Client Care
Our National Customer Care Center (NCCC) was specifically designed to give each move the enthusiastic attention it deserves. We strive to work in accordance with our clients’ policies while still providing the information your companies and their transferees may need, as well. Think of our care center as just an extension of your own relocation department. Combined with ProMove™, our move management process, you receive absolute excellence!

Beltmann’s Proprietary Hauling & Transportation System
Beltmann has one of the largest fleets in the industry! We have trained more than 250 drivers with our own pack-and-load fleet. This allows us to bring control, accountability, and price savings to the relocation process, as we develop operational resolutions to common relocation issues.

Reliable Beltmann Reporting
For excellence in service, we arrange for reliable monitoring and reporting, as we deliver the consistent support our customers expect. Our online quality measurement system (Quality Index) will rate and rank service providers by their packing, hauling and customer service. Through Quality Index, we provide regular reports to keep your organization in the know.  

Tracking Shipments in Real-time
North American’s WorldTrac® satellite tracking and communication system allows van operators, agents and employees to connect despite location or potential cell zone problems. We offer multiple advantages, including shipment tracking within 1,000 feet, full utilization of our driver capacity, real-time satellite communication between the driver, Beltmann Moving and Storage and North American Van Lines, and satellite tracking 24 hours a day.  

Beltmann Reduces Customer Costs
Our Total Cost SolutionSM reduces expenses up to 10-12% while it documents savings. Using our efficient corporate relocation systems, we maintain high-quality standards while keeping costs affordable. Our quantified reports, documenting your achievements can then easily be distributed and reviewed with others on your team.

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