Cross Country Movers in Ft. Lauderdale

Beltmann Moving and Storage, your premier cross country movers in Ft. Lauderdale offers these moving and packing tips for your next move

Before you get started on your next move, we recommend you download and print a copy of our moving checklist.

If You are Making a DIY Move

  1. Pack the things you and your family will need for the trip and first couple of days in your new home in suitcases and backpacks, then place them in an area where they won’t end up in the moving truck.
  2. Use sheets of colored craft paper to “color code” each room by taping them on the doors.
  3. Using stickers or markers, color code the boxes to match the craft papers. Number the boxes so you know when all of the boxes for each room have been unloaded and placed in the right room.
  4. Be sure to list what you put inside the box on the outside, this will help if a box breaks open and with unpacking.
  5. Wrap dresser drawers with Press ‘n Seal plastic wrap to keep things in place and use Space Bags for seasonal clothing (when vacuumed down they take up much less space.
  6. Heavier items go in smaller boxes, lighter items in bigger boxes. Your back will appreciate this.
  7. Make use of clean trash cans, planters, laundry baskets, clothes hampers, even the microwave oven and your pots and pans to pack small items in and use towels and T-shirts for packing materials.
  8. Plates should be placed in the box vertically using packing paper between each plate. Use a towel on the bottom of the box and more towels and T-shirts to fill any voids.
  9. Cups, bowls, saucers, even many of your glasses can be stacked using packing paper to separate them. You can never use too much packing paper and bubble wrap to protect your breakables.
  10. Be sure you use quality packing tape to seal all boxes top and bottom. Then wrap around the box perpendicular to the seams twice using packing tape for added security.
  11. If you have to disassemble furniture, place the hardware in separate Ziploc bags, label them, and use tape to attach each bag to one piece of the furniture they came from.
  12. Take photos of cable routing for all electronics and label the cables as to where they go.
  13. Use clear plastic tubs to pack those items you will need during your first couple of days and wait until everything else is loaded on the truck before loading them.
  14. For large items that require custom crating contact Beltmann Moving and Storage, your Ft. Lauderdale cross-country movers.
  15. Unplug refrigerators and freezers, defrost them, and dry their insides completely.

Items the DOT Doesn’t Allow Cross Country Movers to Transport

The following is a list of items our moving trucks are not permitted to transport:

  • aerosol cans, ammonia, charcoal/lighter fluid, cleaning solvents
  • ammunition, car batteries, charged scuba tanks, darkroom chemicals
  • fertilizer, fire extinguishers, fireworks, fuels/oils
  • household batteries, kerosene, liquid bleach, loaded guns
  • matches, nail polish/remover, paint thinners, paints/varnishes
  • pesticides, poisons, pool chemicals, propane tanks
  • rubbing alcohol, Sterno fuel, weed killer

Our Handy Moving-in Checklist

  • Take care of any cleaning, painting, and small repairs before the moving truck arrives.
  • Be sure there is an authorized adult on site to sign paperwork.
  • Be ready to pay any balance due.
  • Mark rooms with the same colored paper used in your old house.
  • Look for any signs of damage as your boxes and furniture are unloaded, have any damage listed on the driver’s inventory sheet.
  • Install appliances (or have a professional on hand) and check for proper operation.
  • Your Beltmann cross-country movers will assemble bed frames but will not unpack mattresses without prior arrangement.
  • Start by unpacking the kitchen, the bathroom, the kids’ bedrooms, and your bedroom. Leave the rest until later.
  • If you didn’t carry your first night bags with you, be sure they come off the truck first.

First Night Essentials

  • Moving in kit: hammer, nails, screwdrivers, light bulbs, pliers, and cleaning supplies.
  • Kitchen supplies: paper or plastic plates, bowls, cups, and silverware, a roll of paper towels, some bottles of water, and some of your family’s favorite snacks
  • Bathroom supplies; toilet paper, toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap, shampoo & conditioner, brushes & combs, towels, and a shower curtain.

For more moving and packing tips, contact Beltmann Moving and Storage your premier cross-country movers at (954) 951-5415 and talk to our team of moving specialists.