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The international movers at Beltmann are backed by nearly a century of experience. During this time our team has perfected our systems of moving families, and businesses – whether locally, across state lines, or to the other side of the world. Moving internationally or relocating overseas can be significantly more complicated than other moves, but our qualified team members will be there to guide you every step of the way.

Why International Moves are Different  

We are aware of all the decisions you’ll need to make with your upcoming international relocation. Be mindful that most international movers price this type of move by density and size. You may have to make choices as to whether some items merit the price of transporting them. You will find that certain bulkier possessions that you haven’t used recently are better off being left behind. This is especially true if you will be downsizing in terms of space. Minimize your cubic volume by selling or donating unwanted belongings. You will thank yourself later. Beltmann can help you with your questions on international storage options as well as storage choices locally. Additionally, we offer options on packing and crating, and ways to handle delicate belongings and valuables.

International regulations

Beltmann stays up to date with international regulations, so you don’t have to. Requirements for customs can be confusing, and a simple oversight could result in fines or a hold on your entire shipment by the foreign customs authorities. Plan ahead by talking with your relocation specialist about which items are not permitted through customs. We’ll keep on top of ever-changing customs laws and guide you through the any forms and documents that you need to complete.

Delivering on schedule

It’s important that your belongings are delivered on schedule and in good condition, regardless of whether you ship an entire household or just a few items. Beltmann Moving and Storage will make your move as stress-free as possible! Our superior tracking system offers the peace of mind you will want throughout the shipment process. As the best international movers in Fort Lauderdale, we will help from beginning to end, regardless of how far you might be moving.

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