Beltmann Moving and Storage in Fort Lauderdale, FL, Your Full Service Movers for Your Next International Move

As your local full service movers, Beltmann of Pompano Beach can help you pack and be ready for customs when moving to a new country

If the time has finally arrived for you and your family to move to a new country courtesy of your next military posting or for any other reason, life can become pretty stressful. Top full service movers like Beltmann Moving and Storage will tell you that moving out of the country is something completely different. The most challenging part of moving overseas is making sure everything you ship is allowed and will pass through customs.

From providing you with an accurate written estimate to providing you with the finest packing services available, as your full service movers the Beltmann Group will work with you to make sure your household shipment does not contain anything that could hold it up at customs.

Making It Through Customs

Any time your household goods leave US soil and reach the port of entry for another country, they are subject to search by Customs Agents. If you have shipped anything that is not permitted to enter the country, your shipment could be held up for months and have a huge storage bill, and hefty fines to pay. Here are a few tips to help make your move go more smoothly:

Passports – while you should keep your passports safe with you at all times, what happens if they get lost? Be sure to make photocopies and place them in other baggage and your household goods shipment in a secure container. This way if you do lose your originals, most officials will accept the copies and help you find the US consulate.

What not to pack – most countries will not let you bring flowers, live plants of any kind, or fruit in with you or in your household goods shipment. Save yourself the hassle and don’t try, it could be costly by the time you get done paying the fines.

Plan Ahead – make sure you have all immigration and customs paperwork completed in advance. As your full service movers, the experts at Beltmann can help you with this and make sure everything meets the latest customs regulations no matter where you are going.

Not sure about an item, it’s better to leave it behind than risk intervention. You might try declaring it, and if it’s not customs will simply remove it and notify you of their decision.

For the finest in full service movers for your next international move, contact Beltmann Moving and Storage of Fort Lauderdale at (954) 951-5415 and let us help make your move a pleasant experience.