Beltmann, One of the Best Long Distance Movers in Orlando, Florida, Offers These International Moving Tips

As one of the best long distance movers in North America, the experts at Beltmann Moving and Storage offer some tips to help your move go more smoothly

There could be many reasons why you are moving out of the country from a military move to retirement. While you may have made a few local and long distance moves around the country, an international move is far more complicated. One thing the best long distance movers all agree on, dealing with international customs and immigration can be challenging at best. At Beltmann Moving and Storage of Orlando, we are here to help with everything including making sure your shipment passes customs.

As one of the best long distance movers, we work with you to make sure everything goes smoothly, including providing the appropriate packing materials and cartons to ensure your possessions are well-protected. Here are a few tips we have come up with to help.

Make Sure You Are Ready for Customs

It doesn’t matter what country you are moving to; the best long distance movers know your shipment of household goods must pass through customs before they can be delivered to your new home. Should the customs agents find anything that is not permitted in their country, you could face fines, and risk having everything you own impounded. Remember, these agents see dozens of shipments a day, leaving them with very little time to make a decision. Why take the risk, when you can let us show you what you cannot ship.

Your Passports

Your passports are your only proof of citizenship when in another country and must be protected. However, be sure you make photocopies to keep separately just in case you lose the originals. Many officials will accept the copies until you can get the originals replaced at the US Consulate.

Nothing Living

You cannot ship anything living or organic such as live houseplants, fruits, and veggies to virtually any country in the world. Doing so can lead to a significant fine. Do yourself a favor and leave these items behind.

Be Ready

You can work with your representative from Beltmann’s to make sure you have all your custom’s paperwork filled out ahead of time. This will save you time at the port of entry into your new country. If you are not sure about whether an item will pass customs or not, be sure you declare it to be safe.

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