Professional Corporate Relocation Companies Offer These Tips for Your Corporate Move

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Working for a major corporation often means having to move around the country, if not the world, from time to time. So, when HR calls you in to tell you it’s your turn to move, it probably won’t come as much of a surprise. However, whether you are moving to another state or another country altogether, the fun is just getting started. By now your family is probably used to the moves, but you are the one who has to deal with getting everything ready for the big move. Top-quality corporate relocation companies offer these tips to help make your next move go smoothly.

Organization Is Crucial

One of the worst mistakes you can make when getting ready for your move is to let things get disorganized. Pick one spot in your home to create a place for your documents, your checklists, and a phone or phone charger. Keeping everything in one place will keep you from having serious problems later.

Along these lines, it’s just as important for you to document everything that is being shipped as it is for you to keep your paperwork in place. You need to create a detailed inventory on paper perhaps an Excel® spreadsheet. Use your cell phone’s camera to take photos of your electronics and valuables. Insurance companies recommend you take pictures of serial numbers and any other identifying tags and then place the photos in a file where they will not be lost but can be accessed easily.

While you should take paperwork like birth certificates, marriage licenses, adoption papers, insurance policies, etc. with you in the file. You should also take photos of them if you are moving overseas. This way you have the information you need at hand should any of your paperwork get lost on the move, this might help you get them replaced more quickly.

Professional corporate relocation companies also recommend that everyone in your family sees the doctor and dentist for a complete checkup before a move. It could you some time before you find new ones, so making sure everyone is healthy before the move, especially an international one is very important.

This is Your Chance to Declutter

Since you have a team of professional packers at your disposal, before they arrive is the perfect time to go through your house and declutter. Do a room by room sweep looking for things no one uses any more or that are not worth shipping. You can donate your items to a nearby charity, give them to family/friends, recycle them, or dispose of them to help lighten the load.

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