International Moving Tips with Pets from Top Packers and Movers in Orlando, Winter Park, FL & Beyond

Planning an international move with your pet – Recommendations from the packers and movers at Beltmann Moving and Storage of Orlando

Moving overseas can be an exciting opportunity to learn more about a new culture, learn a different language, and experience a different way of life. The packers and movers at Beltmann Moving and Storage are here to help you at every step of the way, from packing each item in your home safely, to safe international transportation, to storage and logistical solutions when you need them. If you’ve decided to make an international move, there are lots of logistical items for you to plan for, especially if your household includes pets.

The best way to keep your stress levels down as you plan your international move is to work with the packers and movers at Beltmann. We’ll help you make sure each item in your house is packed the right way, to be sure it can arrive safely in your new home. We use an organized system of packing and labeling to be sure each item can also be easily unpacked. Beltmann is an expert in international moving logistics, and we can help you locate international distributors, carriers, and movers so you’ll be sure you’re getting a great price no matter where you’re going.

Using Beltmann’s packers and movers also leaves you more time to deal with the logistics of your household, including making plans to move your pet. Here are our best tips for getting your pet safely to your new home:

Do your homework. Moving pets internationally means you’ll need to navigate two sets of laws and regulations. You can contact the international embassy to learn more about the specific laws you’ll need to follow.

Get your vet records. Generally, you’ll need to provide proof of ownership, and you may also be asked to provide proof of immunizations or licensing. Keep all your vet records organized and at hand throughout your move.

Research pet services in your new neighborhood. From finding a veterinarian to finding a store that sells special pet supplies, knowing where to go before you get there will give you and your pet peace of mind about the move. You’ll need to have an understanding of what resources are available to you and your pet in your new community before you get there.

Comparison-shop travel plans for your pet. Depending on the type of pet you have, some airlines or carriers may not be able to accommodate your needs, or some may charge extra for live animal moving. Identifying several possible travel plans for your pet gives you more data about which carriers can do the best job in helping your pet arrive in your new country safely.

If you’re getting ready to make an international move, call Beltmann Moving and Storage today to learn more about how our packers and movers can help you move anywhere in the world.