Worried About Your International Moving Costs?

Beltmann Moving and Storage can help you make a cost-controlled plan – no need to stress over international moving costs

Planning an international move can feel stressful—how will you find the right carriers and movers overseas? How can you make sure your timeline is followed by the mover in your current home, the international carriers, and the mover in your new home? How can you make sure your family and pets are taken care of while also making sure every logistical detail is planned for? And how can you keep international moving costs from ballooning as you work through each of those questions?

At Beltmann, our international moving representatives are experts in their field. They are experienced at finding the right overseas partners to work with, negotiating prices so that you get the best overall deal, and implementing the moving plan that meets your needs. We’ll work with you so that the plan we put in place captures each of your needs and resolves each of your concerns. From international moving costs to packing and unpacking, you’ll get help each step of the way.

Often, we’re able to help save you expenses and time by coaching you on getting through customs and immigration. You should plan to encounter customs and immigrations in two ways: first, your household items will be inspected when they are moved by your carrier; and second, your luggage and carryon items will be inspected when you travel with members of your household to your destination. The restrictions and regulations are different for each of these types of inspections, so you’ll need to understand the best ways to pack and prepare for customs.

Another way to save on international moving costs is to pay particular attention to how your household goods are packed. In general, you’ll want all your belongings to be packed at an even density in cubic boxes or crates. This helps carriers give you a more accurate quote, and also give you a better price on moving your household. Irregularly shaped or irregularly packed items will increase the price, and also increase the risk of damage during transit. The packing and moving experts at Beltmann Moving and Storage can help you find the best ways to pack your household.

Beltmann offers packing, moving, and storage services that can be customized to meet your needs. Controlling international moving costs doesn’t mean you have to give up the services that will make the experience easier on your and your family. When you get your free quote from Beltmann, you’ll see how cost-effective we can be.

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