Packing Tips for Moving Out of the Country from Beltmann of Piscataway, NJ

Read our Packing Tips for Moving out of the Country! Our Piscataway, NJ Movers are Here to Assist you

If you are preparing to move out of the country, one of the first things you are likely to notice is that you have to deal with customs. If you’ve never had to deal with customs before, the process can be pretty confusing. At Beltmann we know how to simplify the entire process, from the right sizes of packing boxes to use, to what can and cannot be shipped into virtually any country in the world. To help make your international move go smoothly, we offer these packing tips for moving.

Customs First

The most important part of your international move is making it safely through customs. Keep in mind that all Immigration and Customs agents work directly for the government of the country you are moving to. During the course of a shift, each agent may see hundreds if not thousands of people and has only seconds to decide whether a person is coming in illegally or trying to bring something illegal in with them. With this in mind, you can see why following these packing tips for moving out of the country is so important.

Helpful Packing Tips for Moving Internationally

You should always keep photocopies of your passport and those of your family packed in a suitcase and your household goods. Customs agents may accept these temporarily while you visit the consulate and request new ones.

Never pack any types of flowers, fruits, vegetables, or any other type of plant in your household goods. Most countries do not allow these items to be taken in or out of their country. You could be subjected to seizure, fines, and more.

Be sure you have all of your customs paperwork completed in advance of your move. Our agents stay abreast of any changes in regulations and are here to help you with any questions you might have about how to fill out the forms.

If you are shipping something you are uncertain about, your best bet is to go ahead and list it. This way you won’t be in trouble if it is forbidden and it will pass straight through if it’s allowed. And, of course, you won’t get in trouble with customs.

The entire international moving process can be challenging, contact Beltmann Moving and Storage of Piscataway at (908) 312-1011 for more packing tips for moving out of the country. Let us help make your move overseas stress-free. To get started on the process fill out a free moving quote here.