Keeping Your International Moving Costs Under Control with the Movers in Piscataway & Edison, NJ

With over 50 years’ experience, Beltmann of Piscataway, Edison & New Brunswick, can help you to keep your international moving costs under control

Making an international move with your entire household can be an expensive proposition, and if you are not careful, your moving costs can quickly spiral out of control. As an established international moving company, Beltmann Moving and Storage has the experience needed to help ensure your move stays within your budget.  With a little help from our experts, we can find ways to keep you from going over budget and paying any unnecessary charges and fees.

Packing Smart

One of the keys to keeping your moving costs under control is to pay close attention not only to what you pack but also how you pack it. Before you start packing, one of our moving consultants will come to your home, inspect your household and everything you plan to move and provide you with a written estimate.

We look at the “density” of each box. Boxes that are cubic in nature (square or rectangular) tend to make better use of space than large bulky items that are odd-shaped. In order to help keep your costs of moving down, you may find you are better off leaving bulky items behind. You might find it cheaper to replace them at the other end of your move or that you can live without them.


One of the biggest hurdles of moving overseas is dealing with customs. Many countries have long lists of things you are not allowed to bring with you, either through customs at the airport or in your household goods. If you should get caught shipping “contraband” into your new country of residence, you could face expensive fines. We can provide you with a comprehensive list of items you are not allowed to bring with you into every country we ship to. Yet another good way to help keep the cost of shipping your belongings to your new home overseas under control.

Beltmann Moving and Storage in Piscataway, we have been helping people save money on long distance and international moves for over 50 years. Our mission, to provide each of our clients with superior moving services anywhere in the world at affordable prices. If you would like more information about international moving or would like a guaranteed written estimate of your moving costs, don’t hesitate to call us at (908) 312-1011 and let us help you get moving!