Beltmann of Piscataway, NJ Offers These Tips for International Moves with Pets

If you are thinking about taking your pet with you to another country, here at Beltmann Moving and Storage our international moving experts are here to ease your moves.

Moves with your entire family to another country can be challenging, but when you opt to take the family pet with you, the level of difficulties is significantly increased. If you are like most families, your pet is just as much a member of the family as the kids and parting with them would be extremely hard on everyone. While getting through all the red tape to bring Fido with you can be arduous, in most cases it’s not impossible. If you are still trying to decide whether or not to bring him with you, here are a few tips to help with your decision.

1. Know the Laws of the Land

Before you get too far in your decision to take Fido with you, you need to check the laws and regulations in the country you are moving to. Some countries have breed restrictions on cats and dogs; others may have very specific quarantine requirements. The laws vary from country to country so be sure you know before you go.

2. Check the Airlines

Check with each airline your pet may have to fly on. When it comes to international moves, airlines have different regulations. These may or may not change if there are connecting flights in different countries. Check with each airline to make sure you have them all covered. You should also be able to contact each airline so you can stay up to date on every stage of your pet’s journey.

3. What is Your Pet Moving To?

When you are looking at your new home abroad and considering taking your pet, you need to look at the living conditions for them as well. This means looking for things like pet care, grooming, pet supplies, and of course if you are planning to rent, a home that allows pets.

If you are planning an international move in the near future and need help with making sure your pet can go with you, contact Beltmann Moving and Storage at (908) 312-1011. We are your Phoenix experts on international moves with pets. Call today and let’s get started!