Beltmann Moving Tips for an International Move from our Phoenix, AZ Team

Long Distance and Overseas Moving Tips from Beltmann Moving and Storage Experts in Phoenix

More and more families and individuals are seizing international opportunities professionally and personally and making an overseas move. If your next move takes you out of the country, Beltmann moving teams can help take you there, no matter how far you need to go. We offer comprehensive packing, moving, storage, moving tips and logistical services that can make your international move less stressful and less complex.

International moves can balloon in costs and problems when an inexperienced mover is used. The Beltmann moving team has put together these moving tips for our clients to make sure you’re on the right track with your next overseas move.

Get Governmental Help:

When you move across international lines, you’ll need to have identity documents, financials, visas, and travel documents in order before you go. Work with the consulate of your current country of residence and your future country of residence to make sure you have the current forms. Beltmann moving experts can advise you on how to contact and work with foreign consulates. You’ll want to complete this step well in advance of your actual move.

Make a Financial Plan:

Living overseas places different needs on your financial planning skills. You’ll need to understand the foreign and domestic tax obligations you’ll have, how to access your money from a local bank in your new home, and whether you’ll be leaving any of your financial assets with a banking institution in your current country of residence after you move. You can work with a representative at your bank, a personal financial planner, a tax lawyer, and other experts to understand what options will be best for you. Again, you’ll want to plan this out well in advance of your move.

Determine How You’ll Transport Documents, Valuables, and Other Irreplaceable Items:

At Beltmann moving, we know that one of the most stressful parts of moving is being separated from legal, financial, or identity documents, heirlooms, valuables, and other prized possessions. As part of your moving plan, we’ll work with you to figure out what needs to be transported most carefully, what should remain with you during your travels to your new home, and what can be packed and moved along with the rest of your household goods. We recommend taking photographs of highly valued possessions and creating digital scans of your most important documents, including your passport, visa, and any other identity documents. Not only are these documents time-consuming to replace, but you may not be able to travel at all without them.

Plan for Your Pets:

Moving with pets can be challenging no matter the distance, but for international moves, there are even more considerations. You’ll want to have proof of ownership, and in some cases, proof of vaccinations. Depending on the type of pet and where you’re moving, you might be able to travel with your pet or have your pet on the same airplane or ship as you. There may also be a quarantine period or other regulations you and your pet must follow.

Beltmann Moving and Storage can offer comprehensive moving tips and help as you plan your next international move, from packing in your old home to creating a plan for the shipping and logistical needs you’ll have as you move to your new home. Whether you’re moving a matter of hours or around the world, Beltmann has the experience and the expertise to get you where you’re going.

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