Moving Relocation Tips in Phoenix, AZ for Your Next Corporate Move

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Your transfer came in, and the boss is sending you to the corporate offices overseas. Moving to another country brings with it a sense of adventure for the whole family. At the same time, an international move comes with a lot of confusion. There is so much more to do than there would be if your move were only across town. To help make your move go smoothly, our professional moving & relocation specialists offer these tips for your corporate move.

One Place for Everything

Pick one place in your home, like the dining room table to be your workspace. Our moving & relocation specialists say having one place for your checklists, all important documentation, and for at least one phone. This way you have everything close at hand if you need to make any phone calls and nothing gets lost.

The Master List

Using your computer or a sheet of paper, put together a master list of everything you need to accomplish before the move. Next, create one for everything that needs to be done when you arrive at your new home. Lastly, create a written, pictorial, and video inventory of your household goods. Be sure you take photos of your valuables and the serial numbers of your electronics.

Visit the Doctor and Dentist

Our moving & relocation experts also recommend you and your family see your doctor and dentist for checkups and any shots or dental work needed. Be sure you have copies of your medical and dental records for everyone. If anyone is on prescription medications, be sure you have them all refilled before your big corporate move. You should also do the same for Rover if he is going with you.

Personal Paperwork

Be sure you round up the kids’ school records and other important documents such as driver’s licenses, birth certificates, adoption papers, insurance policies, vehicle registrations, warranty goods, and naturalization papers.

Before the Packers Arrive

The last thing you need to do before the packers arrive is to go through your entire house and declutter. Have a yard sale, moving sale, donate, recycle, dispose of anything you or your family aren’t using. For more information, contact Beltmann Moving and Storage of Phoenix (623) 299-8006 the corporate moving & relocation experts. We are here to help ensure your international corporate move goes perfectly.