Wicker Park vs. Lincoln Park

bb2Ask most native Chicagoan, and they’ll tell you that the Wicker Park versus Lincoln park debate goes back a long time. Both are hip neighborhoods that are favorites of both locals and tourists, and many folks in Chicago would admit that there are similarities. If you’re considering or you’ve just relocated to the Windy City, here’s a few of the pros and cons for both popular areas.


Some Pros. There’s a vibrant culture in Lincoln Park, and plenty of places to keep you entertained. Tourists or residents can enjoy the view of Lake Michigan. The Lincoln Park Zoo is a great spot for dates or families and open 365 days a year. The Lincoln Park Conservatory, including the famous “Abraham Lincoln: The Man” statue, is also a popular spot.

Some Cons. According to Forbes, Lincoln Park is one of the more expensive neighborhoods to live in throughout the nation. So while it may be a great spot for tourists or young professionals, people or families on a budget might want to steer clear.


The Pros. Some will value that Wicker Park is close to the heart of the city, just a couple stops on the train away from downtown. The artsy and hip will appreciate that Forbes named Wicker Park the fourth hippest neighborhood in America. The collection of old Victorian mansions gives Wicker Park a vintage feel, and residents enjoy the saturation of local bars, venues, art galleries, and boutiques.

The Cons. If you aren’t young, hip, or artistic, you might not feel at home in this hipster mecca. Many artist, musicians, and celebrities call Wicker Park home, but if you’re not into that scene, you may find it less entertaining and more annoying.

 Photo attributed to Flickr @Eric Ziegler via the Creative Commons license.