Where to Buy and Sell Furniture in Milwaukee

If you’re thinking about hiring a Milwaukee mover, it’s important that you prepare for your move by getting rid of the things that might not be worth moving. By sorting through your things, selling what you don’t want to move, donating things that you don’t need, will ultimately save you money on your move – less to move, the less it costs.


If you’re stumped on the best way to sell items in Milwaukee or you’re looking to buy new things once you move, here are a few good options for you.


Milwaukee Moms – Classifieds

This site isn’t just for Moms, the classifieds section can be for anyone looking to buy or sell anything from gym equipment to clothes. If you would like to get an extra few bucks for your unwanted items, this local classifieds site might be a free way to post your items and hopefully get a few takers.


Craigslist – Milwaukee

The #1 classifieds site is still Even though you should always be careful when buying and selling on this free site, it’s a great resource for those looking to pawn off items to other locals. Remember these things in order to have the best chance of selling your items:


  • Choose a catchy headline that is descriptive – use keywords that people might be searching for
  • Always include pictures — you will get more clicks on your ad. The more pictures you can post the better.
  • Include as much detail as you can in the description
  • Never include your address or personal information, protect yourself and use Craigslist’s antinomies e-mail scrambler.
  • Re-post your listing frequency so that it doesn’t fall too far down the list.

With these resources you’ll be able to quickly buy or sell your items before your upcoming move – which will save you a good penny in the long run!