Wabi Sabi: The Calming Interior Trend You Need Now More than Ever

In our current culture and climate, you may be looking everywhere for a sense of calm but still coming up short. Why not start and end your search for clarity and ease right in your own home? wabi sabi, a design trend with roots in Japanese aesthetics, promises just that: a beautiful embrace of simplicity and nature and overall good vibes. If you could use a bit more of that feeling in your life (and at this point, who couldn’t?), read on for the quickest ways to begin blending this style into your home.

The Calming Interior Trend You Need Now More than Ever - Beltmann Moving and Storage Nationwide Movers

Pare Down

Think of wabi-sabi as minimalism’s less stuffy cousin. The goal with this aesthetic isn’t paring down only for simplicity’s sake, but it’s also to help you focus on and showcase the items you truly love and use. If it sparks joy, keep it, and don’t wrestle with whether or not it “matches,” in the traditional sense of the word.

Bring in Nature

Mother Nature provides the best example of rustic simplicity, a key feature of wabi-sabi design.

The rustic simplicity at the heart of wabi-sabi is a key feature you’ll be able to easily incorporate. Succulents and bamboo are commonly found in wabi-sabi homes, but also consider stone and wood. Natural materials and earthy tones will bring the calming atmosphere of nature right into your living space, and if you’re looking to enhance your home’s sense of peace and simplicity, this is the quickest way to get the job done.

Embrace Imperfection

Designing with wabi-sabi is the perfect time to display handmade items that might feel out of place in a more clean-cut space. This aesthetic turns against the status quo of rapidly replacing items which show age or repair, and instead embraces the quality. Repurposed and weathered items that bring you joy despite their imperfections are encouraged. And with today’s social media highlight reel, embracing imperfections might be something we all could use a bit more of.