Top Ways Beltmann Gives Back Throughout The Year

Our community has given so much to us, so that’s why we are constantly thinking about how to give back. If you haven’t been a customer for long or are just checking us out, you may not know about the opportunities you have to give back as a customer of ours. We want to share our passion for causes in our community and allow you to be a part of affecting change in 2019. Here are the top ways we choose to give back and how you can get involved.


Habitat for Humanity
Now when you move with Beltmann you have the option to donate unwanted items to your local Habitat ReStore. These items will be used in a newly built home or sold through a local ReStore to fund local Habitat for Humanity projects. If you’re interested in being a part of this program, you can notify your moving consultant your desire to donate during your in-home estimate. You will be given a Go North Habitat inventory form that you will fill out before your move date. You will be given stickers that you will place on the items you would like to donate. Beltmann will coordinate picking them up and will take them to a local Habitat ReStore. Not only is it easy to donate, off-loading some of your items will save you on moving costs. Beltmann Relocation Group Gives Back


Gary Sinise Foundation

The Gary Sinise Foundation is an organization that honors Our Heros. The foundations helps to fund the building of homes for America’s severely wounded veterans. Each home includes amenities to make living with a disability easier. Beltmann helps this initiative by offering moving services for veteran participants of this program.


Move for Hunger

With over 17 million children in the U.S. going to bed hungry – Beltmann is very passionate about helping to meet this need by providing our customers with the opportunity to donate non-perishable food to local food pantries. Many times our customers have a lot of food type items that they don’t plan on moving, so we can coordinate a pick-up time and then deliver for you. To learn more about this organization you can visit their website at:


As always, we at Beltmann are excited to partner with you on this journey and love working together to impact our community.