Tips to Help Seniors Make a Move

Beltmann Relocation Group

When the time comes for a senior to make a move to Ft. Lauderdale, there are many more factors to consider than your average person moving. It is especially hard for seniors to move from their homes if it’s the home where they made most of their family memories or perhaps memories of a loved one who has passed. Seniors also tend to have more things because they have had a lifetime to acquire them, and sometimes have not purged in a while.


Making a move as easy as possible for a senior might require an investment in time, to make sure things are not left until the last moment. As you prepare for your senior to move, make sure to account for time to sort through their belongings, to pare down to what’s necessary for their new home. Self-storage might be a good option if the thought of transitioning to a new home and getting rid of treasured memorabilia might be too much for your senior to handle.


As the moving day gets closer for your senior, make sure they know you are someone they can count on your for assistance and comfort. As you pack their things in boxes, ask them to tell you stories about these objects. This will be a great way to bring back fond memories that will go with them to their new house. On your senior’s moving day, make sure they are involved as much as they want to be, whether it be unpacking or helping direct where each box goes.


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