Tips for Transporting Your Outdoor Power Equipment

Before your Kansas City movers come to pack up all of your belongings, you may want to take extra care in preparing your snowblower, lawn mower and other outdoor power equipment for the move. While each item is constructed from sturdy metal and has stood the test of time through those hot summer days and blustery evenings, they can still get damaged if you don’t take precautionary measures.

Lock Them Up

You don’t want your lawn mower rolling around in the trailer – not only could it crash and get dented, but it could also dent or scrape your other equipment. Many lawn care devices have wheel locks that you can engage. If this isn’t the case, get something to wedge the wheels so they can’t move.

Drain The Gas

Gas leaks can not only ruin your other belongings, but they can pose a danger to you and the movers. Siphon out all the gas or mow your lawn one last time to ensure the safety of yourself and your equipment. If you plan to bring any gas tanks, make sure they’re properly sealed and stored tightly against a wall so they don’t tip.

Cover Your Equipment

It’s a good idea to throw an old blanket or tarp over your equipment. This will help prevent the paint jobs from getting scratched and protect the items from dust or debris.

Lie Down Anything that Will Tip

While your lawn mower might be able to stand on its own, skinnier items like rototillers are more likely to tip during the move. Prevent any crashing by laying these precarious pieces of equipment on their sides. You may also want to lay a blanket down beneath them so their veneers don’t get damaged.