Tips for Moving While Pregnant

While pregnancy is a wonderful time, you may experience a variety of aches and pains. If your present home isn’t big enough for a family, you may move before the baby arrives. Moving can be stressful, and if you’re not careful, you can injure yourself.

Here are three tips to safely move while pregnant.

1. Take your time.

You may be eager to pack your home and move your belongings, but don’t let eagerness result in an injury. Go slow and take your time. Pack when you have energy, and rest when you need to.

2. Don’t lift heavy boxes.

Lifting heavy boxes when you’re very pregnant can strain your muscles and trigger back pain. Even if you feel up to the job, leave the heavy stuff to your partner and other family members.

3. Hire a professional mover.

In all likelihood, moving day will be stressful. However, you can reduce your stress level by hiring a Kansas City mover. A professional moving company will work diligently to load your belongings onto the truck, plus they’ll unload items at your new house. Thus, you can sit back and relax.

(Photo attributed to Flickr member @summerbl4ck via the Creative Commons license.)