Thrifty Family Restaurants in Orlando

Relocating to Orlando with a family will bring plenty of trips to expensive theme parks, Disney store visits, and rushing to the mall to buy new beach wear. So as you get accustomed to your new town, you might want to stop and try these family eateries for a treat that won’t leave you in the poorhouse.


Yum Yum Cupcake Truck

Who doesn’t love cupcakes? What kid doesn’t love seeing trucks? Put the two together and you’ve got a winning combination, especially when the cupcakes are so delectable. Yum Yum Cupcakes bakes up a variety of combos such as the Dough Dough Bird, a cookie dough cupcake with a dollop of gooey cookie dough in the center, topped off with chocolate chip cookie frosting. If that doesn’t leave you searching the streets for the Yum Yum Cupcake truck, I don’t know what will…


Tijuana Flats

With something to please every Tex-Mex-loving-family, this restaurant boasts a laid back casual atmosphere. With stellar customer service, delicious affordable food and a hot sauce bar that might leave you with a burning tongue, Tijuana Flats is definitely worth a try.



The McDonald’s on Sand Lake Road is more than just a place to pick up a Big Mac on your way home from work. This McDonald’s is a travel destination, as it ranked No.2 in the Travel Channel’s “Most Unique McDonald’s.” This McDonald’s has the largest PlayPlace your children will ever see. It even boasts an arcade with hundreds of games, a toddler area for the smaller ones, and a birthday party room.

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