Three Ways Your Kids Can Help You Get Settled Into Your New Home

Now that your Milwaukee Mover has you unpacked, it’s time to start thinking about how you and your family can get settled into your new home. Moving can be a tough transition for some kids, so having a plan for how you will involve them in the move, will be key to getting them acclimated and comfortable quickly. Here are our top tips and ideas.


1. Get Them Involved: Even before move day, talk to your kids about their new rooms. Ask them if they have any ideas for how they would like to decorate. Go to Lowe’s or Menards and pick up paint colors. Have them sketch out where they would like their furniture. Even think about making a few new pieces for their room – to get them excited about their new space!


2. Learn About Your New Town Together: Plan a few family outings during your first few weeks and get to know your new city a little better. You can call them weekly adventures and ask your kids to pick which attractions they would like to visit first – whether it’s a monument, building, park or event, you’ll be sure to learn something about your new town.


3. Get to Know Your Neighbors: Do some networking in your new neighborhood by baking some cookies and taking them around to your new neighbors. Introduce yourself and learn about each family. You might find out there are potential playmates for your kids right next door!