Don’t Put Your Dreams On Hold

If there is a city where you have always dreamed of residing but are afraid to make the move because you don’t have a job, don’t let that stop you. There are few things you need to do before hand, to be sure, but there is no need to put your plans and your dreams on hold because you haven’t found the perfect job.

If you have a budget that includes moving expenses you are one third of the way there. A place to live, even if it’s temporary and a plan for finding a new job, will assure you several months of security.

Your budget needs to include several months living expenses. This is very important and needs to include room, utilities, transportation, food, loans, entertainment and moving expenses. Make sure you have contacted a Kansas City mover for quotes. If funds are low there are many ways you can work with your Kansas City mover to lower costs.

Finding a place to live before you move is also advisable. Whether it is a small sublet, sharing an apartment with a friend or living with family, you will be assured a place to lay your hat while you look for a job.

While you are looking for a job don’t be afraid to take a temporary job. Contact a temporary placement agency before you move and they can have something lined up for you when you get to town. Sometimes these temporary jobs can turn into something more permanent and it will look good on your resume. You could also take a part time job at a store or restaurant. This would free up valuable time during the day for interviewing. You could also request to volunteer at the place where you would ultimately like to work. If something becomes available, you would be the first person they would consider. If possible have this volunteer position lined up before you move. If you know people in the area, contact them before you move and have them keep a lookout for something that might interest you. Word of mouth is often the best way to get a job.

Although it is not easy, moving to your dream city does not need to be put on hold until the perfect job falls into your lap. Moving there, with the resources aforementioned will afford you the time to find a job and you will be happy being in the place you have always wanted to call home.

(Photo attributed to Flickr member via the Creative Commons license.)