Best Places Off the Beaten Path in Orlando

Beltmann Relocation Group

When you relocate to Orlando, there are some things you’ll want to learn. First, you have some very bad drivers who live in this state. Second, Orlando may or may not be owned by Disney. Lastly, there are times in the year that are busier than others. One of these times is Spring Break, which sees pretty solid traffic from March to May. You might notice your favorite places to visit are a little too busy during this time, so here are few ideas off the beaten path in Orlando that you can check out when the Spring Break crowd is in town.


iFly Orlando

Do you have dreams of taking the plunge out of an airplane, but are not fully committed to risk of jumping to your death? At iFly you can experience the full free-fall feeling without actually jumping out of anything. They use a vertical wind tunnel to create a wall-to-wall cushion of air that allows you to fly. It’s so safe that children as young as three are able to participate, so it can be a great all ages family alternative to a theme park.


Harry P. Leu Gardens

Educational, beautiful, and relaxing; these are all great for a weekend activity! The Harry P. Leu Gardens have over 50-acres of gardens to explore with points to help inspire and help you appreciate the native plantings of Florida.


Silver Springs Nature Park

Coming to the Silver Springs Nature Park will really help get you acclimated to the native creatures from Florida. You can take a walk or hike around the park to see firsthand all the species of birds, reptiles and even insects. There is even a petting zoo and alligator farm on the park grounds, don’t worry you are not petting alligators!


(Photo attributed to Flickr member@ZombyLuvr via the Creative Commons license.)