Preparing Your Child For a Big Move

Moving out of your home can be a very emotional time. For a child it can be heartbreaking. There are ways to make this transition a joyful, hopeful time in a child’s life; one that he will remember fondly.

For a child his home is his safe haven; a place where he felt comfortable and loved. His toys were always waiting for him and his bedroom a place for dreams and ideas to come to life.

If you are planning a move make your child part of the process, inasmuch as you can. Show him homes that you are considering and what his new room will look like. Perhaps there is a bonus room or finished basement that will be home to his new toys. Is there a large yard, a tree for climbing, a pool? Stress the positives and keep the conversations about how exciting it will be and all the fun things that you and he will be able to do.

Show him pictures of the school he will be attending. Visit the school’s website and see what it looks like and what cubs and sports they offer. Also, go to the new town’s website and check out what they have to offer. Perhaps there is a lake, or a park; maybe some well-known restaurants, youth activities, museums, etc.

As the time draws nearer, before the Milwaukee mover has arrived, have your child write a journal if they are old enough, if not have them draw some pictures of the house as they see it. What is their favorite room and why? Each room could be showcased with funny pictures of the family doing what they usually did in that room. Create an album.

Take a video of the home. Walk through the house with your child and allow them to point out anything about that room they want to remember. Talk about the good times that were had in those rooms; the parties, birthday celebrations, funny incidents, Christmases, etc..

If someone goes to visit the new home, make sure they take pictures or perhaps a live video walk through for your child so they can see firsthand the inside and outside of their new home.

And last make a welcome kit for your child to open on his first night in their new house. You can tell them you are crafting one so there is something to look forward to. This will build excitement. There can be new toys, new supplies, new pajamas for their first night, a new blanket, a movie, etc. Make sure you pack this in a different box so the Milwaukee mover will know where to place it in the new house.

Your child will begin to see that there are so many opportunities that await him in his new home and that he will be able to make new special memories because what is really important is that he is making them with the family he loves.

(Photo attributed to Flickr member @felixbade via the Creative Commons license.)