Neighbor Troubles? 4 Ways You Can Mend Fences

One detail sometimes overlooked when moving into a new home is the relationship you’ll have with your neighbors. Just because you fall in love with a home doesn’t guarantee your next door neighbors will find the same spot in your heart. A disagreement with a neighbor is a tale as old as time: Their dog uses your yard as its toilet. Their music blares into the wee hours of the night. Their yard is overgrown. Whatever ignited the hard feelings, you can start mending fences with some of these suggestions.

Head Problems Off

After being in our home for just under a week, our new neighbors rang the doorbell to say hello and also mention they had two young boys who had been known to lose football over the fence every once in a while.

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Open up a Dialogue

Is there a chance your neighbor has no idea what he’s doing is driving you nuts? If you’ve been stewing over an issue, don’t suffer in silence; clue him in. Clear communication alleviates many misunderstandings, and there’s a chance a direct, nonaggressive dialogue could bring some clarity to the situation. Solving the issue could be as simple as knocking on a door and having a quick chat! 


Lend a Hand

Maybe your neighbor is unable to keep up with household chores because of something out of her control–an unforeseen medical issue and corresponding appointments, picking up a second job, or a growing family are all realistic reasons someone could fall behind. Extending assistance in a gentle way is the definition of being neighborly, and doing so might help you see your neighbor in a new light.

Peace Offering

You’ve heard the old adage, kill ‘em with kindness. It’s hard to continue wronging someone when they extend generosity, hospitality, and friendship. An invitation to a housewarming party, for example, is a great way to start bridging a divide. Investing in relationships does take time and effort, but you’ll see some of the biggest payouts.

Maybe you and your neighbors won’t be singing kumbaya together anytime soon, but getting closer to reconciling problems will leave you with a greater sense of peace each time you meet them at the mailbox.