Moving 101: How to Prepare for a Long-Distance Move 

Moving anywhere can be a logistical challenge. But making a long-distance move can sometimes feel especially daunting, particularly if that involves starting a new job, trying to meet some friendly neighbors, or relocating to a new state or a different region of the world.Interstate Movers | Cross State Moving Company [Free Online Quote]

Prepping for a long-distance move can go a long way toward easing your stress level and helping ensure a smooth transition. Below, we share some of our favorite hints, which can go a long way toward a successful long-distance or interstate move.

  1. Start planning just as soon as you know that you’re moving – Create a spreadsheet, make a list on your phone, or grab a notebook and pen — whatever works best for you. At Beltmann, we even offer a downloadable freebie checklist, broken down starting from 8 weeks before your move. You can print it out or save it and access it from your mobile device.
  1. Think through which things you do and don’t want to move – If there are any larger bulk items that you don’t plan to bring to your next place, make sure to decide what to do with them. This might mean including things like major appliances or a swing set in the sale of your home, selling off some unused sports equipment, or donating that well-loved couch to a deserving family or friend.
  1. Choose a reputable long-distance moving company – Secure a reliable quote with a full inventory of exactly what you intend to move with you. (Don’t work with a mover who only gives you a quote via the phone.) Depending on what suits your family best, either get an in-person or a virtual estimate in writing from a licensed and insured company that knows how to guide you through the long-haul move — and can thoroughly answer all of your questions.
  1. Separate what you need to keep with you – Keep important documents (like passports, birth certificates, valuable jewelry, etc.) with you. As you’re organizing, keep these in their own area, since moving companies are not responsible for such items.
  1. Get rid of anything you don’t love – Take time to clear out any unnecessary items and remove what you no longer use or love. Indeed, now’s the right time to purge and remove excess clothing, books, random furniture, and those unused kitchen items.
  1. Prioritize what you’ll need first – Plan to label a “First Night” box with only what you’re going to need on the first night or two. Think towels, bedding, a coffee pot if you drink it, and a few dishes. You’ll also want to pack a separate suitcase with your toiletries, a few days of clothing, and bring that as you travel to your new destination.

At Beltmann, we’d love to help you prepare for any upcoming moving and storage needs, be it across town or full relocation service. Just contact us for a free contactless quote, and we’d be happy to walk you through the process.