Shop Local With These Tasty Milwaukee Gifts

As your preferred Milwaukee mover, we’re proud to call Milwaukee our home. As a local, we’d like to share some secrets with you to help make your transition easier. One of the best things to know about Milwaukee is that it’s known for its beer, meats and cheeses. Even though that’s common knowledge, you might not know exactly where you should go to try the city’s best. So, here’s a run down of our top spots for snatching some of Milwaukee’s famous flavors.


Bolzano Artisan Meats

Touted as having the best-handcrafted heirloom pork salami in the country, Bolzano’s meats can be purchases online or at a number of retailers around the city. Their mouth-watering array of dry cured meats includes flavors like: FiggyPuddin, Spanish Style and Fennel Seed – will strike a chord with any foodie.


Great Lakes Distillery

Great Lakes Distillery is a self-proclaimed “small-batch distillery” located in the heart of Milwaukee. You can attend a tour of the distillery or an event in order to taste some of their locally-made spirits, including: absinthe, artisan series brandy, rehorst citrus and honey vodka, rehorst gin, pumpkin seasonal spirit, roaring dan’s rum and more. To check out the schedule or to pick up a bottle visit:


Wisconsin Cheese Mart

What would a trip to Milwaukee be without a stop at a cheese shop? Check out this fun hot spot just off of W. Highland Avenue and step into your first “cheese bar” – which takes beer and cheese pairings to the extreme. The Uber Tab Room offers artisan cheese pairings to over 36 Tap Beers!