SHOP LOCAL: How to Find Local Kansas City Artists and Crafts

If you’re getting serious about calling a Kansas City moving company, you might be interested to learn that Kansas City has quite a culture of artists and craftsmen. When you become a local or even before you settle into your new town, you might find it important to support the economy. There are a number of ways to do that – but one great way is to buy locally. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can find local vendors and artists.


  1. Log-onto
  2. Go to the bottom left-hand side of the page and click “Shop Local”
  3. Enter “Kansas City”
  4. You’ll see there are over 30,000+ items made locally
  5. You can then search by:
    1. Product type
    2. A dollar amount
    3. Or: handmade, vintage or supplies artists are known for their jewelry, art, accessories, home goods and paper goods. If you just moved to a new home, some of the best items you can buy on Etsy might be:


  • Pictures: You can go direct to the artist and they’ll even customize prints for you.
  • Picture Frames: If you need an odd size or would like something created or tweaked from a listing, all you have to do is message the craftsman.
  • We Just Moved Postcards: You can work directly with a designer to customize a postcard just for your family. That way everyone will have your new address.


Not only will you have something purely unique, you’ll feel good knowing you’re supporting the local Kansas City economy.