How to Negotiate Renting with Pets

After months and months of searching, you finally locate the perfect apartment. You gather your security deposit, complete the application and begin looking for an affordable Kansas City mover. But unfortunately, you receive word that the landlord does not allow pets. This creates a particular dilemma. You either have to find a new home for your cat or dog, or negotiate with your landlord.

There isn’t much you can do if an apartment doesn’t allow pets, as these rules are often set by off-site management. But if renting a house from a private landlord, these tips can get your rental application approved.

  • The same way you get a rental reference to vouch for your rental history, get a reference to vouch for your pets. In his letter, your previous landlord(s) might mention that you kept the house in good condition, despite there being a pet in the space. Most landlords are concerned with pets tearing up the house and fleas. But if this isn’t your history, they might welcome your pets.
  • If you don’t want to pass on a great place, offer to pay a higher security deposit – perhaps two month’s rent upfront. This can cover any incidentals, such as your pet soiling or scratching up the carpet.
(Photo attributed to Flickr member @maveric2003 via the Creative Commons license.)