How to Get Rid of Unwanted Items Before a Move

Calling a Kansas City mover is the easy part. Getting ready for them to arrive is somewhat harder of a task. Many times you find yourself moving to a smaller home or one that is laid-out differently, requiring different furniture. You will have to get rid of some things that just won’t work, or have been clutter in your life for a while.

Getting rid of unwanted items can seem like a chore, but there are several avenues to take:

1. Remember your niece or nephew who is in their first apartment or going away to college. They would be thrilled to have that kitchen table you no longer like, or that small fridge you never use. Ask around. Other people have children and family that might really benefit from your cast-offs.

2. Give your items to a local charity. Shelters never have enough, and can always use certain items. Call ahead to see what they might need. There is also Goodwill or the Salvation Army that sell your items and put the money to good use.

3. Take the more valuable items and sell them through your local newspaper or online. If you are tech savvy, you can use to sell across the country or to sell your items locally.

4. The tried and true way to get rid of a lot of items and make a little money is with a yard sale. Start making piles of things you no longer need and clean them up a little as you go along. Tag each item at a reasonable price that you think a treasure-seeker might pay. Save the finer things for the classifieds.

5. If you have a large item that is just not worth the real estate it takes up, have a free curbside sale. Tag the item with a “free” sign and literally put it on the curb. Someone will find treasure in your trash. Blink and it will be gone.

Once you’ve gone to all this trouble to get rid of unwanted items, you will be ready to have a Kansas City mover give you a moving estimate based on the household goods you actually want to move.

(Photo attributed to Flickr member @pswansen via the creative common license)