Dollar Store Finds to Entertain Your Toddler During a Move

Beltmann-06-7Toddlers are constantly on the go – which makes it extremely difficult when you’re trying to move. Whether you’re telling your movers where to put the boxes or you’re on the road, on your way to your new house, it’s important to have a few (inexpensive) entertainment tricks up your sleeve. Here are a few things I found at the dollar store that have seemed to keep my little one entertained. They can be easy transported and kept in their own box, so you know where they are during the move process.



I love a good old school game of riddlie-riddlie-ree and so does my toddler. Although object finding might require a few “hints” – make a game of it in the car. Give your child these reward stickers for finding 10 things that are yellow. Offer a reward for getting 50 stickers. You can also create a reward system for the move, talk them through your expectations for their behavior and things you would like them to help with throughout the day, when they do these things give them a reward sticker.


Inflatable Ball


It’s a great idea to have an inflatable ball handy for yard or rest-stop play. The best part is that it travels well and can be blown up when you’re ready to play. Run your toddler’s energy off by taking turns bouncing or kicking the ball in between two trees.




Sorting Cups


I found 4-5 different colored cups with lids at the dollar store a few years back and my kids love them. I purchased pom-poms that could be color sorted into each cup, so not only did they have fun taking the lid off of the cups, but it was also an educational color game.




State Game


If you’re traveling across a few states for your move, it might be fun to give your toddler the state to hold while you’re going through it. Tell them about the state and how it’s different from the others. Make pit stops and try native food or off-highway attractions. Grab mementos and put them into a small cup so you can remember that state and talk about it when you reach your destination.