Tips on Packing Electronics

Televisions, computers, audio equipment…most of your electronics require a little more TLC than other items in your home. When moving, make sure you pack all the cables, cords and remotes along with your devices to ensure you can set them up when you arrive to your new home. You don’t want to leave these high dollar items without the proper packing techniques. Follow these tips to help you protect your electronics during your move to St. Paul.


1. If you have them, use the manufacturer’s original packaging. These boxes were designed with the particular item in mind when shipping them to the store. If you don’t have your original box, try finding the manufactures instructions on how the suggest moving their product. Many times you can call a customer service number and get specific tip on how to safely move your electronics.


2. Color code cords, cables and any other accessory with a matching color sticker on the electronic device. For example, you could buy colored twist ties and wrap up each cord that attaches to your television with the same color. By placing the same sticker color on remotes, you will know exactly which cable goes with what electronic device without searching through your mounds of moving boxes.


3. If packing multiple items together, wrap each item in linen or clean paper to reduce the chances of scratching. Use moving pads, blankets, and towels to help cushion your electronics and ensure a safe delivery to your new home.

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