Things Not to Do When Moving to Chicago

beltman5If you’re moving to the windy city, you’ll probably been warned about the brutally cold winters, unbearable traffic and the high cost of living. What people don’t talk about is how to prepare yourself for the challenges of city living to make the transition a more smooth one.

Forget to Call the City About Parking Passes

Not only will you and your family need a parking pass, your movers will also need one as well. You should understand the parking ordinances for your particular area and plan ahead by checking out the City Clerk website.

Not Plan Where Your Moving Truck Should Park

Because parking in the city is limited, it’s important to stake out the best place for your moving truck to park.

Not Let Others Know What You’re Doing

It’s always important, if you’re moving into a condo or apartment, to let them know your moving day plans. They might be able to reserve a back elevator for you or open up a staircase or loading dock that will make the logistics of moving easier.

Wear Sandals

It’s important to wear closed-toed shoes in moving day, as you never know how clean your home, apartment or condo might be when you first move in.

Forget Your Tools

If you’re moving into an older apartment or home in Chicago, don’t forget your tools. Small nuisances like jammed doors or nails sticking out of the walls, can be quickly remedied with a few tools.

Do you have any other tips you would like to share with our readers? Please leave your comments below. As your favorite Chicago mover, we’re always looking for ways to make moving to Chicago as smooth as possible.