Stunning Pinterest Boards for Home Inspiration

beltman7altIf you’re about to move, you’re probably spending a lot of time daydreaming and planning on Pinterest. Whether you’re moving into a fixer-upper or a turnkey home, you’ll probably be putting your own style and spin on your new place. We gathered some of the best boards for inspiration as you start organizing and planning your move.


The best part about Pinterest is that it’s organized in a way that can help you discover pins that fit your style and tastes. Under the “Home Décor” section of the website, there are sub-categories that will allow you to get more specific on the types of home décor you’re interested in viewing.

I like Modern décor, so I picked that category. You’re able to then “follow” this board so that new pins will show up on your newsfeed.


Once you get into Modern décor there are additional sub-sections to further narrow down your search, such as “home exterior design” and “modern houses” boards.


I then picked, “Home Interior Design” and the selections get even more granular. Things like: “Rooms layout plan” and “Modern kitchen design” were listed. You can follow each sub-category by clicking on the icons and then the “follow” button.

If you’re looking for something specific like “paint colors”, you can search by typing that keyword into the search bar. Searching this way will show the most recent pins at the top. If you want to find more inspiration, you can click on “board” – to see the most popular boards under this category.


And, don’t forget if you’re getting ready to move, be sure to follow our Pinterest boards for lots of moving tips and hacks: