Put On Your Tourist Hat in San Francisco

Part of the fun in relocating to a city like San Francisco is getting to feel like a tourist until you find your bearings. When the Beltmann moving trucks leave your new home and you get settled in, try taking a weekend to explore your new city. It might take you awhile to get to see all the iconic sights, so better to start sooner rather than later.


Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge is synonymous with San Francisco. There’s a good chance that your moving announcements will feature a picture of you and your family in front of the Bridge, instead of your new home! The bridge offers a walkway and a park to explore the beauty of the most famous bridge in the United States.



Located in the bay for all to see, this famous former prison is a fascinating place to visit. The infamous former prison was home to some of America’s most notorious prisoners, and was known for never having a prisoner escape. You can now ride a ferry across the bay to take an eerie peek inside and gain a deep sense of American history.


Union Square

If shopping sounds more fun to you than walking around looking at historical landmarks, then Union Square is your place to be. Union Square is host to the largest Bloomingdales other than the New York City store, but also has many other designer and department stores to hit up.

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