Keeping in Shape in the Bay Area

Moving can be a big task, and it tends to take away from our other extracurricular activities. But just because you move, that doesn’t give you the excuse to give up on your fitness goals. When you get settled into your new place in the Bay Area, here are some gyms you might want to check out before you grow that unflattering “spare tire!”



This gym empowers their members to listen to their bodies and really live a lifestyle to enhance their health and well-being. The DIAKADI Body gym was recently voted Best Personal Trainer and Best Gym by voters from the San Fransico, and touts many of the same accolades from all over the city. If it’s a true lifestyle change that you’re after, then this gym should be first to check out.


Club One Fitness

With five locations spread out throughout the Bay area, you can be sure there’s a Club One Fitness near you. Club One has something for everyone in your family, including pools and playcare for your children while you work out. You can also choose to start your fitness plan off by using one of their in-house personal trainers, or check out one of their fitness classes. Club One’s many amenities make it a solid gym to start your fitness journey.


Touchstone Climbing

If you’re more of an adventurous type or would like to try a different and challenging workout, you might want to stop by Touchstone Climbing. They have plenty of classes to get you started, which are sure to work the entire body and leave you aching the next day.

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