Interior Paint 101

As you move into your new home in Ft. Lauderdale, painting is one of the easiest and most dramatic changes you can make to your house to add that personal touch. If you’re new to homeownership and home improvement, here are some painting basics that might be helpful before you get started on those white walls.


Type of Paint

There are three common types of paint homeowners have to choose from, depending on the particular area they plan to paint. The first type is called “matte.” This paint looks softer and deeper in color, but tends to stain easily as it has a porous surface. Next is “eggshell,” which gives a slight sheen to the color and can withstand light cleanings. The last type is a semi- or high-gloss paint, which is shinier than the eggshell. This type of paint is often used on trim, since it can take more of a beating without seeing the blemishes.


Picking a Color

As you walk down the paint aisle looking at the myriad of paint chips, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with how many options there are for the basic white. Many paint manufacturers have style guides which help you coordinate colors and pick out the type of look you’re going for.



Purchasing a small sample to paint on your wall will help you get the right color you want. Make sure to paint a large portion on your wall and view it with different lighting throughout the day. A sample of paint is a great way to make sure your color will look like you want it to in the lighting of your home and not the florescent bulbs of Home Depot.

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