How to Pack a “First Night in Your New Home” Box

Carrying moving box

When planning a move, don’t overlook the importance of a “First Night” box. Unless you opt for full-service moving where your boxes are unpacked by the movers, many of your belongings are going to be boxed up on your first night. Rather than having to worry about unpacking right away, have a box prepared that contains everything you’ll need to be comfortable. Here’s what to include in a “First Night in Your New Home” box.

  • Food — Of course, you’ll need to eat on your first night. Even if you’re opting for takeout or delivery, pack some light, non-perishable snacks. And make sure to include paper plates, plastic utensils, and plastic cups to use until your dishes are unpacked.
  • Toiletries — Include whatever you require to feel refreshed and well-groomed. Definitely pack a toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, and soap or body wash. Optional items might include things like cosmetics and styling products if you have room.
  • Shower Supplies — A shower curtain (unless your shower has a door) is an essential item, as are clean towels and washcloths. You might also want to pack a non-slip bath mat as well.
  • Air Mattress and Blankets — If your bed won’t be arriving on the first night, bring an air mattress and blankets along to ensure a comfortable night’s sleep.
  • Entertainment — Don’t despair if you’ll be stuck with no computer or television on your first night in a new home. Pack handheld games, books, cards, and toys for the kids to keep everyone happy and entertained. And don’t forget the phone charger!
  • Pet Supplies — Don’t forget your pets! A Ziploc bag full of pet food and a water bowl is the least you’ll need. You might also want to bring a collar and leash for your dog, and a litter pan for your cat (which should be toted separately from your other items). Your pet will appreciate it if you toss some treats and toys in the box as well.

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