10 Ways to Meet Your New Neighbors

Christmas homemade gingerbread cookies on table

It can be hard to meet your neighbors when moving to a new city. You don’t have to be isolated after a move; here are 10 ways to reach out to the other residents of your neighborhood:

  1. Knock and Say Hi — This is by far the easiest strategy for meeting new people. Simply knock on your neighbor’s door and introduce yourself. Many people will appreciate the friendly effort!
  2. Invite Them to a Party — Print out some invites and put them in your neighbor’s mailbox or on their door. If your neighbors are friendly and social, they’ll likely attend a small gathering at a new neighbor’s house.
  3. Drop off Cookies — Everyone appreciates a sweet treat! Drop off cookies with your neighbors to break the ice.
  4. Leave an Introduction Card or Letter — If you’re the shy type or don’t relish the idea of a face-to-face introduction, get the ball rolling by leaving a note or card on your neighbor’s door that provides a brief hello and introduction. They’re likely to stop by your home to say thanks, which is a great time to get to know them.
  5. Walk Your Dog — Walking your dog is a great opportunity to not only get some exercise with your pet but also connect with your neighbors. Smile and wave if neighbors are outside, or stop and say hello.
  6. Go to a Neighborhood Function — If your neighborhood has block parties or other seasonal events, make sure to attend and help with cleanup, which is a great way to meet lots of community members.
  7. Join the Neighborhood Association — Your neighborhood is likely to have a homeowner’s association or community association which you can join. Doing so gets you involved in your community and helps you socialize.
  8. Help a Neighbor in Need — If you notice a neighbor struggling with heavy shopping bags, offer to help. It’s the nice thing to do and a great way to say hello.
  9. Just Hang Out — If your neighborhood has a park, beach, or other common area, spend some time there. You’re sure to run into some neighbors that you can strike up a conversation with.
  10. Clean Up Common Areas — Shoveling snow and raking leaves in common areas of your neighborhood can give you a sense of belonging and help you bond with others in your community.

Making Your Move

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