Beltmann Basics: What to do on moving day!

Beltmann Moving DayIt’s moving day and you have a million things going on. The first thing you should do today, is breathe…it’s going to be OK. Hopefully you’ve hired a moving company that is going to take the stress out of the day (instead of add to it).

Here’s your moving day checklist

  • Like we said, first breathe – stay calm
  • Keep important phone numbers handy
  • Make copies of your new floor plan and labeling system
  • Do a run through of your home to ensure you have everything
  • Pick up some water for you and your family
  • Plan something fun to do while the movers are moving in your things
  • Get the contact information for your moving crew so they can notify you when finished
  • Do a walk through before they leave to ensure everything is in its place

Here are some websites that might help you with the above tasks:

  • 101 Fun things to Do with Your Family in the Summer:
  • USPS Change of Address Form:

If you ever having any questions about the moving process, we are always available to help you. You can call us at 888-251-0892, we’re more than just a Chicago mover – we have locations all across the U.S. and networks across the world. We are looking forward to helping you make your next move and easy one!