5 Reasons Your Home Isn’t Selling

We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but there’s a reason your house isn’t selling. You may be totally unaware of it, but there are a few reasons why housing just sit on the market without any movement.

You don’t want that to be your home, so check out this list and then DO something about it. We are rounding out into the fall months, when the housing market is typically slower so you’ll want to make these corrections sooner than later.

Here’s why your home probably isn’t selling:

You Overestimate The Market

If you’re in a seller’s market, great news. Just don’t let that cloud your sales strategy. You still want to be competitive and realistic with your home’s value. Try to get recent comps and make decisions with a sober mind. If your real estate agent is promising you the moon during your initial interview, maybe be leery…you will want someone who gives you truth and not all spark.

You Didn’t Invest in Updates

If you have competing properties that have new carpets, hardwood floors, updated kitchens or outdoor amenities – you may want to consider doing some investing in your home. Having your home on the market, without sales, can be a disappointing experience that may lead to you reconsider those home improvement projects.

Your Photos Don’t Do Your Home Justice

If a professional didn’t take pictures of your home, you may need to make an investment in this area of marketing. Your photo quality and the staging of your home, is so important to draw buyers to even consider your house. This is an area where you shouldn’t cut corners.

You Don’t have the Right Person Selling Your Home.

If you feel like you are good to go on all of these, you may have to consider your real estate agent into the equation. Be clear with expectations and set a contract date that will allow you to move your home to another agent if the house hasn’t sold in a specific time. Ask them to be honest with you about why they think your home isn’t selling.

Once you find the perfect buyer, Beltmann will be here to help you with your upcoming move. Best wishes!