Tips for Moving with Pets

At Beltmann Relocation Group, we understand many of our moving customers have pets that are making the trip with them. We are happy to answer all questions about relocating with four-legged friends and even offer a few proven moving tips that can be used. Every animal and every move is unique, so you will need a solution that is right for you. The key to a happy, stress-free move for you and your companion is to plan in advance and bring a travel kit with all the essentials.

By bringing a travel kit, you will have everything your dog or cat needs in one convenient location. Most importantly, make sure you have enough supplies for the whole trip. By bringing everything with you, you won't have to worry about looking for the exact food, medication, or toys for your pet. An effective travel kit should include the following items:

  • Enough food and treats for the duration of the move
  • A container of fresh water. Be mindful that different locations’ water treatment practices can upset animals.
  • Your dog or cat's normal food and water dishes
  • A crate, bed, or comfy blanket
  • A comb or brush, and maybe even a hair clean-up device if your companion sheds a good deal
  • Scooper, plastic bags, mop-up towels, newspapers, and other items for any messes or roadside stops

When you are moving with pets, Beltmann Relocation Group is here to help with these tips and more. Contact us for more information.