Household Storage


Beltmann Relocation Group provides storage services in a heated warehouse environment at a reasonable price. Your shipment can be brought into one of our storage facilities where each piece will be wrapped and placed in a storage vault, which holds approximately one room of furniture. The vaults are sealed and stacked in the warehouse. Unlike a mini-warehouse, where your possessions are left open in a cage or a garage-like unit, your shipment is protected from dust and is not visible.

All of our storage facilities are in secure neighborhoods and are equipped with modern security systems, including fire and pest protection. We can store your items at origin or at destination, depending on your needs. We can arrange for the pickup or delivery of your goods when you are ready for them. Contact us today to find out more about our storage options.

For a quote, call 1-866-252-2383 or use the Quick Quote form at the top of the page.