Moving Made Easier With Our Expert Tips

photoThe professionals at Beltmann Relocation Group are here to offer you some expert moving tips to help make the process as simple as possible. Whether you plan to move across the state, to the other side of the country, or even around the world, our suggestions will help to plan your move today.

When it comes to moving made easy, one of the most important things you need to do is eliminate stress from the entire situation. There are more than a few ways to do this: For starters, make sure every aspect of your move is carefully coordinated. Of course, you will want to leave some room for last minute changes, but if you have every stage of the move planned out you can work confidently by always knowing what comes next.

From arranging occupancy dates to finding storage facilities, there are so many things you can do to ensure the move is carefully coordinated. Another important, yet often overlooked tip, is to keep the essentials nearby. What we mean by this is, don't pack away your favorite toothbrush in a box that you may not open for days or weeks after your move. When it comes to your box of essential items, things that you need to find quickly, some of our suggestions include: paper towels, toasters, food, utensils, scissors, nightlights, first aid kits, and toilet paper.

You should also take full advantage of the storage compartments that are already in the dressers and bookcases you are transporting. By making full use of these, you can eliminate the number of boxes you need to store your clothes, books, and other items.

You also need to make sure you perform a thorough search of your old location before leaving. Often times people will place things behind doors, in closets, and other out of the way places that are easy to overlook when moving out. By checking every inch of your house you can ensure that nothing is left behind. Also remember to pick up any clothes you may have at the dry cleaners or equipment you may have at a local repair shop, especially if you are moving farther away.

Another useful tip is to pack things in clearly labeled boxes. You can place small items like cords, remotes, and other types of entertainment equipment in bags so they do not get lost. You can even create a parts box that you can fill with brackets, nails, and other odds and ends that you don't have a specific place to keep.

These are just a few of our moving tips that we believe can help make your moving experience much easier and stress free. At Beltmann Relocation Group, there is nothing more important to us than making sure our customers and their belongings get to their new location without hassle. We are always here to help whenever you need experienced moving professionals, moving supplies, or even just a few simple tips. If you have a question about planning your move, or if you would like to hire us for a job, give us a call today to speak with a member of our team!