Tips for Moving with Kids


Moving for Kids

At Beltmann Relocation Group, we know our customers want what is best for their families – and we want that for them too! Moving with kids can be exciting, challenging, and sometimes complicated, but there are ways to ensure your children are happy and involved throughout the process.

The prospect of leaving a current home can be troubling for some children, so take the time to explain to your child why they should be excited about their new residence. Here are some proven moving tips to peak your child's interest and enthusiasm for a move:

  • 1. When children are fully informed about the move, they are much more likely to be excited about the adventures that lie ahead. Make sure your children have the opportunity to say what is on their mind and ask questions.
  • 2. Teach children the address and phone number of your new home. And depending on age, it is a good idea to introduce them to their new neighborhood and city at large.
  • 3. Kids love taking on responsibilities, so find ways to involve them in the packing process. If a certain task does not sound fun, find ways to make them less boring. If your child loves to draw, consider letting him or her label boxes. Not only can they write the name of the items inside or the room it comes from, they can use the surplus of packing materials to showcase their artistic abilities.
  • 4. Kids love taking care of their toys and collectibles, which makes it easy to create a game around transporting for stuffed animals, games, and more. Also, make sure they have access to the items that they often turn to for comfort.
  • 5. Of course, children can often grow frustrated when separated from their belongings for any period of time. When old toys are being left behind, this can be even more of a concern. Always discuss the reasons why toys won't be making the trip before discarding them.
  • 6. If you are planning to sell some of your property in a garage sale, kids often love to help. They feel accomplished when they successfully sell an item and get to keep the profits as a reward.
  • 7. Routines are very beneficial during a transitional period. Whether it is meals, activities, or bedtime, find ways to maintain order while preparing for and executing your move.
  • 8. Encourage your children to stay in touch with old friends. They can write letters or send emails to maintain relationships with their closest buddies.
  • 9. Most kids love to travel and see new things. During your move, you will have many opportunities to let your kids explore exciting new places. Moving can be quite the adventure, and you should look for ways to keep them excited every step of the way. Whether it is stopping off at a roadside attraction or staying overnight at a great destination along the way, make the most of the opportunities you have and enjoy some quality time with your family.

With Beltmann Relocation Group on your team, moving with kids can be a great experience. For more moving tips, call us today!