International Moving Tips To Simplify Your Move

If you are thinking about moving overseas, you already understand how challenging the prospect can be. However, with the right strategy, your move can be smooth and simple. Here are some international moving tips to help ease your transition:

  1. Get in Touch With a Foreign Consulate
    Relocating across international lines requires several legal documents and permits. Before the move, be sure to contact the foreign consulate for the country you are moving to. A consular representative will help you obtain the necessary visa and documentation long before you leave the country.

  2. Organize Finances
    As an American citizen living overseas, you will have foreign and U.S. tax obligations. Speak to a representative at your bank to close accounts you will not use while overseas, and ask about currency exchange rates and fund transfers. Maintain at least one bank account in your home country, at least until you are completely settled in the new one. While it’s a good idea to keep cash on hand for expenses, at some point you will need to make a withdrawal. Setting up a new bank account in a foreign country can be difficult, and there may be activation periods and wait times before you have access to your money.

  3. Keep Track of All Documents and Valuables
    When traveling, keep all essential documents and valuable items on your person for safe keeping. Losing your passport, visa, green card, or other important document can quickly lead to disaster. While valuable jewelry and heirlooms cannot be replaced, you can make hard copies and digital scans of your personal documents. Scanning documents can be a tedious process, but the time spent at home will be well worth it: missing documentation can result in deportation, fines, and even jail time.

  4. Make All Arrangements in Advance
    Make all travel arrangements and obtain tickets well in advance. Become familiar with your travel itinerary and double check that everything is in order. Notify water, gas, electricity, and cable services that you want to discontinue their service, and submit change-of-address cards to the post office, social security office, insurance companies, relatives, friends, etc.

  5. Shipping Your Pets
    If you are planning to bring along a pet, your first step is to find out whether or not your destination country will allow that particular species of animal. This is another aspect of international moving that can be tricky, as the rules in some countries can vary widely. For example, one breed of dog may be allowed, while another is not. Especially if you are bringing birds or other highly regulated species, you may be subjected to a quarantine period. It’s also important to carefully read all customs forms and regulations for each incoming and outgoing flight, as the rules may change from one city to the next.

  6. Check in with the US Embassy
    When you arrive in your new home, stop by the American Embassy to finalize paperwork and ask any questions.

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