Industrial Moving Assistance

Industrial MovingAt Beltmann Relocation Group, we know the in and outs of industrial moving. To conduct a move, it takes careful planning and organization. No matter the size and scope of your move, our Commercial Relocation professionals are ready to help you conduct a secure, efficient move.

As a moving company with an experienced team, we're able to guide clients through every aspect of the process to ensure a smooth transition. Here are some factors to consider in advance:

  • Evaluate racking and shelving needs before, during, and after the move
  • Compare the cost of new or used racking, to either tear down or reassemble the existing racking
  • Assess the need for staging areas or temporary storage
  • Assess the current configuration needs of racking
  • Ensure the availability of forklifts and other power equipment needed for transferring materials, stock, or equipment
  • Move production equipment
  • Timing

High Security Moving

Moving a financial institution poses many unique challenges. We take our clients' security, documents, and property very seriously. Our experienced staff can plot out the specifics of your transition and implement a number of safety features to reduce any associated risks. We take the following precautions to help protect our customers:

  • Conduct background checks of crew members
  • Coordinate and work with on-site security
  • Sequence the relocation in a way that decreases exposure
  • Coordinate and work with security escorts between buildings

Sensitive Information

When you need to relocate your firm's offices and sensitive paperwork, the staff at Beltmann Relocation Group will take great care to protect files and ensure they arrive at their destination organized and intact. We help clients with the following concerns:

  • File integrity
  • File security
  • File accessibility while a move is being conducted
  • Our extensive experience with law firms, accounting firms, and other professional offices helps us cater to the exact needs of clients. Your Beltmann Relocation Group consultant will assist in designing a system that allows for file accessibility while ensuring sensitive documents are safeguarded. In addition, we know how to move expensive and delicate furniture, book collections, or other important items.

    Every company has specific industrial moving needs, and the Beltmann Relocation Group provides customized, secure, and cost-effective solutions. To learn more about this service, call 1-866-252-2383 to speak with a representative!