Your Corporate Moving Guide


At Beltmann Relocation Group, we are ecstatic that you have chosen us as your cross-country corporate moving company. We are professional corporate movers and have been helping clients, relocate for more than 50 years. We approach every job with full responsibility, and we strive to provide professional service so that you experience a worry-free move.

At Beltmann Relocation Group, we are dedicated to working closely with clients to develop a unique moving plan that is tailored to specific needs and requests. We are aware that certain companies have strict relocation policies, and we are prepared to work towards meeting those requirements.

Prior to the move, Beltmann Relocation Group will assign a counselor that will work with you every step of the way. Your counselor will be transparent and helpful to your company; we value communication as a key component for a successful move.

We have developed the following handbook to give our clients a written reference for their moving needs. The guide includes packing tips, a list of hazardous materials and our policy requirements for what we can or cannot move. Keep this document handy at all times throughout the move and be sure to maintain possession of all of the necessary paper work.


Beltmann Relocation Group has been a leader in the moving industry since 1955. We specialize in providing relocation solutions to corporations throughout the U.S. We have achieved a highly reputable standing with our clients and continue to expand upon our expertise. With committed management and a knowledgeable team, we consistently strive to exceed customer expectations with an innovative, open approach.

Beltmann Relocation Group offers moving services in more than 14 markets throughout the U.S. Each move is coordinated out of our facility in Carol Stream, Illinois. The North American national account team in Carol Stream has a pristine history in offering personable and helpful customer service provisions with accounts. This innovative customer service program was developed in order to meet every employer's high level of expectations.


Moving Preparation

Take the following steps to prepare items for moving:

  • Check that all of your appliances are free of moisture and are kept in a dry, cool place prior to packing. You want to be sure that in no instance will the seals and mechanics freeze, and damage the unit.
  • Clean dishes thoroughly to prevent pests and decay.
  • Unplug and unhook all electronic devices and label the wires, this will make their installation must easier after you unpack.
  • Back up all of your personal, important files from your computer and pack up your external hard drives in a well-padded and labeled box.
  • To prevent spilling and staining, remove the ink cartridges from your printer and fax machines.
  • Heat can warp compact disks, so remove all CDs from your computer or stereo systems to prevent internal damage. In fact, extreme heat may damage all electronic items so be sure that they are not left in storage for a long period of time.
  • Keep all of your clothes folded or on hangers. This provides an easier and more organized unpacking process.

Moving Reservations and Arrangements

Make reservations and schedule arrangements. Consider what arrangements need to be made prior to leaving your current home. If you live in an apartment, your building may have specific moving requirements. We resign the responsibility to contact your building about these requirements. We advise that you inquire the building’s supervisor or management company regarding their procedures. Depending on the items and the building layout, among other factors, some arrangements needed are:

  • Elevator Reservations: is there a freight elevator?
  • Parking Permits: where can the moving van/truck park?
  • Accessibility: could a trailer as large as 75 feet fit in the complex lot?

Special Instructions

Tips to prepare for packing day: As the big packing day approaches, we expect certain items to be in ready-to-pack condition. Follow some of these tips to make everyone’s job easier on packing day:

  • Detach any and all items that you’d like packed and moved from the walls, such as drapery rods, bathroom towel rods, and pictures.
  • Be sure to remove all bed sheets and covers from your mattress before the movers arrive to pack.
  • See our list below of hazardous materials that we will not transport. Dispose of all flammable items, etc., prior to packing day.
  • Empty dresser drawers of loose items, liquids and fragile pieces.
  • Do not seal any of the packed boxes; our experienced movers will need to sift through them to make sure they are acceptable for shipping.
  • Clean garbage pails and grills and disconnect your outdoor hose.
  • Plan meals ahead of time so you can throw away all perishables from your freezer/fridge.
  • Pack your necessities in an easily accessible suitcase and put in a separate areas so your movers do not accidentally take it.

Hazardous Materials

Consider hazardous materials: Legally, we are forbidden to transport certain materials deemed as hazardous. Beltmann Relocation Group will not move the following items, so it is your responsibility to make other arrangements:

  • Fire extinguishers, aerosol cans, engine starting fluids, propane tanks, welding gases and butane, among other gasses
  • Antifreeze, alcohol, disinfectant cleaners, and camphor oils among other combustible liquids
  • Photographic acids, drain cleaners, etching acids, wet cell batteries, iron/steel rust preventatives, and nitric/sulfuric acid, among other corrosive liquids.
  • Black powder, matches, fireworks, ammunition, dynamite, flashbulbs and primers among other explosive materials.
  • Ammonia, adhesives, weed killers, lighter fluid, gasoline, bleach, paints, inks and varnish among other flammable products.
  • Oxygen tanks & propane

No Liability Items

Beltmann Relocation Group is not liable for the condition or whereabouts of certain items during transportation. While we do our best to provide safe and efficient transport, we recommend that you pack up and move the following belongings yourself*:

  • Cash, stocks or bonds
  • All pets
  • Any perishable foods
  • Valuable furs
  • Live plants
  • Personal or important documents
  • Sentimental or valuable jewelry
  • Valuable coin or stamp collections
  • Passports or other citizen validation documents, including marriage and birth certificates
  • Vintage or collectible baseball cards
  • Family photos
  • Prescription medications
  • External hard drives or backup discs
  • Wine or other glass bottled alcohol

*If you have any questions of concerns about this, speak with the relocation counselor to determine alternative arrangements.

Other Items of Consideration

Certain items to consider for special arrangements: Your relocation counselor should be readily available to make special arrangements for the transportation of certain personal items. We are able to arrange specific means to transport the following belongings:

  • Air purifiers and microwaves
  • A water softener and even an HVAC system
  • Wall clocks and pendulum clocks
  • Bunk beds, swing sets and pianos/organs
  • Ceiling fans, stereo components and satellite dishes
  • Chandeliers, curtain rods and window blinds
  • Waterbeds, entertainment systems and hot tubs


What To Do With Your Appliances

We will pack and move your appliances according to the company’s specified relocation rules. Due to the nature of some company moving requirements, an external, third party, may need to be left in charge of transporting appliances. We are flexible and want to stay true to our mission of providing a pain-free move. If there are certain moving services that are not authorized by the company policy, but that you need, then call your relocation counselor to arrange the services, which can be paid via cash on delivery or in advanced with a credit card.

When you arrive: We require your destination be supplied and fully functioning with the correct power cords and connections. Here is a comprehensive list of appliances as well as household items that will require servicing both at the origin and at the destination:

  • Ranges/Stoves: Clean your oven/stove thoroughly and make sure there is no grease residues build-up prior to transportation. Empty the appliance of all pots and pans as well.
  • Washing Machines & Dryers: Keep the lid of the washer open for a full day prior to transportation. Double check that the dryer’s lint catcher is clean, and wipe the interior to make sure it is dry.
  • Electronic Equipment: Try to use the original packaging for your electronics. If you don’t have them anymore, then let your counselor know so that he or she can arrange the packers to provide appropriate materials needed.
  • Refrigerator & Freezer: You are responsible for unplugging, defrosting, and cleaning both your refrigerator and freezer units at least 24-hours prior to packing and moving the items. Remember to empty the evaporation pan and to drain the water reservoir of the automatic icemaker. We will arrange services to the water line for an automatic icemaker. Try to leave the door open for up to two days prior to loading, this will dry out access moisture. As a precautionary step, be sure to wipe the interior with dry towels. Finally, fill two clean tube socks with baking soda and place one in each.


Preparation and Packing Day

When the packers arrive, they will break into teams to tackle multiple rooms simultaneously. The packers organize boxed items according to room and category. Each box will be marked accordingly.

At the end of the day, the packing crew leader will require a signature for the list of packed boxes. It’s your obligation to review the list and to voice and any questions, comments or concerns with that crew leader. For any additional issues or questions, your relocation officer will be on-call and ready to assist.


Loading for Your Move

Beltmann Relocation Group requires your presence as we begin loading boxes and items into our moving vans and trailers. We want to be sure that you feel our services are consistently transparent, so we recommend that you be there to oversee the loading process. Please seek a stand-in and authorize them to represent you if you cannot attend.

On loading day, it is your responsibility to:

  • Go over the inventory list the driver gives to you. You need to agree with the driver’s inventory notes before signing the paperwork.
  • Take a final headcount of the boxes packed and check each room and confirm that no box is left behind.
  • Review and confirm all destination information with the driver. Please provide a list of names and numbers he can contact to confirm the arrival.
  • Review the given delivery date. Be aware that weather forecasts and road conditions may affect this estimated date and time.
  • The Bill of Lading contains conditions and terms of the company’s relocation policy, so be sure to review it before signing.

Once again, congratulations on your new assignment, Beltmann Relocation is eager to begin the moving process so you can begin to enjoy your new home and office. Our corporate moving company prides itself on honesty and clarity with customers, so be sure to maintain open communication with you relocation counselor about any problems or concerns. We are looking forward to providing you with a smooth transition.