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At Beltmann Relocation Group, there is nothing more important to us than providing reliable and affordable moving services to our clients. We strive to exceed expectations on each and every job. Not only do we offer local and long distance moving services for both business and homeowners, but we also assist with international moves. No matter how far you are moving, we work hard to ensure the process is simple and easy. And as a customer-oriented moving company, reviews from satisfied clients are essential to not only helping us grow, but also improving our overall business and services.

We are always updating our site with new moving company reviews, so make sure you check back frequently to read more about us from recent clients. If you have any questions about our services, or if you would like to provide us with your own testimonial, contact Beltmann Relocation Group today to speak with a member of our team!

Testimonials from Our Customers



My husband and I just moved from a 2-story townhouse in Maitland, Florida, to a large home in Chuluota, Florida. We were concerned about having our furniture moved this time, as we have some very large and also some very fragile furniture pieces. Also, we used the "inexpensive men" in the past, who chipped and cracked some of our furniture because they did not cover, prepare or move it properly. This time we decided to pay a little bit more and use the best! The 3 movers that were assigned to us, Bobby, Robert & Ronny, each had over 25 years of experience and came fully prepared. As soon as they arrived, they put cardboard on our stairs and our stairwell walls; and then proceeded to cover our furniture pieces the way they should be covered. They had to take some pieces apart (and put them back together at our new home), and they did not lose any of the pieces or hardware. They knew exactly what they were doing, and even managed to get an extremely large headboard down the stairs without completely taking it apart.

They were polite, friendly, professional, and worked tirelessly for about 12 hours; and most importantly they got the job done without hurting anything. If you are about to move and care about your furniture and possessions, we would highly recommend this moving company!

Ervin & Cindy G.


I just wanted to thank you both again for your assistance with my recent move. Everyone at Beltmann, top to bottom, has been so wonderful to me during this process; and your movers were competent, quick, organized and friendly. Moving is a very stressful time for anyone, but you guys made it as easy on me as possible; and for that I am truly grateful. I don't look forward to moving again, but I do look forward to working with you guys again when I inevitably do. Have a great weekend.

All the best,

Steve H.


I'm happy to report that after unpacking almost all of our boxes, we have not found anything broken. Your guys did a terrific job! The packing that was completed in a few hours has taken us two weeks to unpack. We were impressed with the team and continue to be impressed with their results.

Thanks so much for all your help in getting us to VA.

Jay K.


I just wanted to reiterate what a fabulous job Clarence did with this move. He made a horribly stressful situation manageable and really was an incredible pleasure to work with. I hope this email is sent to his supervisor and anyone else who had the ability to commend him for his work. Thanks!

Kelly S.


Beltmann Relocation Group, the largest agent of North American Van Lines, was a part of a special celebration on Valentine's Day. It was the day that Specialist Martin, his wife Audrey and their one-year-old daughter were introduced to their new mortgage-free home built by Pulte Group’s Arizona Division and local contractors. Their home is one of 20 new homes built for wounded veterans – the Company's Built to Honor program plans to build across the nation in 2014.

"We are so excited about our new home and want to thank everyone involved for making this dream possible," said U.S. Army Specialist Phillip Martin.

Even though the home wasn't a surprise to the Martin family, they were surprised by the fact that the home was fully furnished, included flat-screen TVs and computers as well as the installation of backyard landscaping and barbeque area. Beltmann was honored to help make this part of the surprise a reality as they assisted with moving and installation services.

"Our team was glad to be a part of this exciting day, we hope we were able to help the Martin's house feel more like a home," said Steve Rinaldo, General Manager of Beltmann Relocation Group's Phoenix, AZ location.

Martin joined the service in 2007 and served in Afghanistan. He was injured on two occasions by IED explosions and mortar attacks that required multiple surgeries. While stationed in the Wounded Warrior Brigade in Texas, he was one of the first responders to the Fort Hood shootings. He now conducts training for first responders of the Phoenix Fire Department.


When my husband and I recently needed to relocate from Fort Lauderdale to Dallas Texas, we asked a couple of companies come to our house to not only give us a quote but also understand how they were going to take care of our "treasures". We have many antiques and during the years acquired quite the truckload.

Doug Sanders from North American gave me the best price, but more importantly he answered all the questions I had very thoroughly and promised that my home would arrive In Dallas unharmed and on time.

I was also given Shari - Shari is his relocation coordinator, she helped me with questions, boxes, packing material and a couple of nervous breakdowns - Shari handles stressed out neurotic Royal Copenhagen collecting housewives like a pro!

Like Doug promised, everything arrived intact and on time. The moving crew Doug sent us was amazing, 6 awesome and very, very professional guys - they worked fast and efficient both packing and unloading the truck.

Everything was numbered and wrapped in blankets and plastic wrap and Jerry didn't leave the house until we had gone through the whole list of numbers and made sure everything was unloaded and that we were happy with everything.

I have now unpacked my last box of Royal Copenhagen and I’m still smiling :)

Thanks to Doug and Shari and the moving crew, our move was totally painless, and very quick. I will for sure call you again in a year when I'm ready move into my permanent home here in Dallas.

Thanks to the whole team at North American


Beth and Kevin W.


When my husband and I recently needed to relocate from Fort Lauderdale to Dallas Texas, we asked a couple of companies come to our house to not only give us a quote but also understand how they were going to take care of our "treasures". We have many antiques and during the years acquired quite the truckload.

Doug Sanders from North American gave me the best price, but more importantly he answered all the questions I had very thoroughly and promised that my home would arrive In Dallas unharmed and on time.

I was also given Shari - Shari is his relocation coordinator, she helped me with questions, boxes, packing material and a couple of nervous breakdowns - Shari handles stressed out neurotic Royal Copenhagen collecting housewives like a pro!

Like Doug promised, everything arrived intact and on time. The moving crew Doug sent us was amazing, 6 awesome and very, very professional guys - they worked fast and efficient both packing and unloading the truck.

Everything was numbered and wrapped in blankets and plastic wrap and Jerry didn't leave the house until we had gone through the whole list of numbers and made sure everything was unloaded and that we were happy with everything.

I have now unpacked my last box of Royal Copenhagen and I’m still smiling :)

Thanks to Doug and Shari and the moving crew, our move was totally painless, and very quick. I will for sure call you again in a year when I'm ready move into my permanent home here in Dallas.

Thanks to the whole team at North American


Beth and Kevin W.


Josh and his team did a great job packing our belongings. The entire team handled our items with utmost care. Each team member was consistently very responsive to our questions and concerns. Josh often asked if we had any concerns even before we voiced them. Clearly he was making a consistent effort to anticipate any and all issues so that he could take care of them in the most efficient way possible. Josh was masterful at handling this big move for us.

We highly recommend Josh and his team, and we hope we will be able to have them move us wherever we may go in the future!


Nancy L. and Rod G.


Just want you all to know how grateful my family and I are for each of your help facilitating our move from Minneapolis to Ohio. Moving is a stressful event regardless of what is going on in someone's life. Adopting a baby during the process is a blessing and an additional stressor. My family and I are now under the same roof, in our new home and have started our new life in Akron because of huge efforts by you. Each of you received many questions and requests by us over the last three months and your responses were always accurate and helped calm our nerves.

If I'm counting correctly, this move is our 7th relocation in 20 years and this really was the best move we have experienced and I'm not just saying that. Each of you bent over backwards to help make the transition as painless as possible. Please forward my thanks to your teams whom we did not meet. You created a positive experience for us. Thank you very much.

Winslow J.


I want to thank Mr. Fernando Delarosa and his crew, Jose Carmen, Everardo and Manny, who are with the North American Van Lines, who delivered my furniture in Long Beach, CA. Mr. Fernanodo was not only professional but also very pleasant over the initial phone call to advise me of their delivery time. Once he and his crew arrived they surveyed my front door way which is an awkward entrance to bring in furniture. They managed to get everything in and took the extra effort to take selected items to my garage around the block. The crew was also very polite, professional and conducted the work in a timely manner. They even started opening boxes and helping me unpack, which even though I know is something that they do, it was the first time in my many years of shipping furniture with the military that a crew actually did it (they usuallly have me sign the paperwork and they are gone once the goods were delivered inside). I thank them all for their excellent customer service.

Ta' Juanna D.


I want to affirm that our driver, Dale White, is truly outstanding at what he does and is an absolute professional in all aspects. He showed up the day before loading, did a lot of prep work and found and addressed some issues with packing. The actual loading was amazing. On the first day there was Dale and his brother Nick plus two local employees. Dale was aware of our issue on how late the packers left and promised they’d finish by 5, and that’s exactly when they left. On the second day it was just Dale and Nick; I can honestly say I have never seen 2 guys work so hard so continuously and they never slowed down until they locked the doors on the truck. And let me tell you that truck was as full as it could possibly have been, it was amazing to watch them fit every last item inside.

Dale and his team were courteous, careful, responsive and overall just a pleasure to work with. He recognizes moves are stressful and goes above and beyond to make it as easy as these things can be. He is truly a credit to your company and should be recognized for his efforts.


Russ K.


Lloyd and Derek did a fantastic job with our move a few weeks ago. I wanted to send out a note to acknowledge that and request that they be properly recognized for their exceptional work and true professionalism. They were efficient, careful, speedy and very polite. It made the stress of moving so much easier.

Thank you!

Valerie F.


Just to let you know what a pleasant experience I had with your company.

Tim and Justin were a wonderful team.

Thank you so much.

Cindy M.


Just wanted to thank you for a smooth loading of the van line on this end! All went great and the movers didn't put a scratch on our walls or floors! They were fantastic! Thank you for your help with the coordinating of the crating of our oil paintings and special marble furniture as well!

I appreciate it and look forward to sending you good news on the Oregon end as well!

Thanks again!

Matt K.


Everything worked out very well on Friday. Rob and his team started to unload at 8:00 am and finished at 4:30 pm.

We were very happy with Rob in particular and would give him the highest ranking in many regards.

He was always approachable for our concerns and listens to the customer. He packs thoroughly and advises/ leads his team properly. He take responsibility and immediate action if sth goes wrong. Also during unpacking now we see in retrospectve, how systematical and professional his work was done. Congratulations to Beltmann about the quality of associates like Rob.

Best regards,

Dr. Horst M.


Dear Jackie,

As per our conversation this morning, I wanted to let your corporate office know that we had a perfect moving experience with your company. Mike was our "driver" and had a wonderful crew. We were amazed at how hard they worked and that they were willing to accommodate us by being flexible with delivery times.

As the result, we were moved in and unpacked in record time with great humor and happy movers. Everything was perfect.

We are very impressed. Everyone worked very hard and we really appreciate your and their help to help us!


Stephanie T. and Daniel S.


I wanted to thank you for the excellent job you did working with my family and I to make our move as smooth as possible. I know it was on short notice but I couldn't have asked for better service and follow through from you by making all the necessary arrangements to accommodate the needs we had. The packers, Ed & Pat, assigned to the move did a great job as well, both were very professional yet friendly and considerate. I, again, would like to let you know how much your time and effort was appreciated by us and hope if we have to move again in the future we will be able to work together.

Thanks and have a great day,

Andrew M.


This process was professionally handled from start to finish. The communication was excellent and every timeframe was spot on. There are a ton of stresses involved in the moving process and this wasn't one of them thanks to the work of everyone involved. My driver, Jeremiah, stayed in constant contact with me, and his crew was thorough and polite. They were even great with my two small children. "Moving" would fall off the list of lifes greatest stresses if everyones moving experience were like mine was. Thank you, Ray

Raymond S.


A note to thank you and the crew at Beltmann for a job well done. The move came off without a hitch; our driver, Paul White, was a great. No losses, no damage, on time. What more could we want?! Thank you to all concerned.

John & Sherry H.


We wanted to take time to express how happy we were with our experience with Doug Sanders and the Beltmann Group. Doug was very personal and knowledgeable when he came to our home for our estimate. He gave us several options and choices on our relocation. After finding Beltmann’s fair price and availability we hired them to complete our move. The packers were fabulous as well as the driver, Chris Maze.

We have relocated several times and this move was the best by far.

Thank you to Doug Sanders and the Beltmann Group.

Scott & Kim L.



I just want to tell you how much I appreciate the performance of your company in our recent move. It was exceptionally smooth. Your local manager, Raphael (Ralph), and his crew were terrific. Raphael almost knew what we needed before we asked. Every request was met with a smile. I could not be happier.

Thank you,
Mike S.


Dear Mr. Ferguson.....In a world where everyone is too busy to take the time to say thank you, this is precisely what this letter is all about. My recent move from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida to Tempe, Arizona couldn't have been easier. Shari Drury is in my opinion, the sole reason everything ran like a perfectly oiled clock! Her professionalism, along with understanding and being compassionate as to how difficult a move cross country can be. She was never too busy to accommodate me, no matter how many times I had a question. My daughter is in the process of moving to Calistoga, California from Ft. Lauderdale also, and I am confident with Shari in charge everything will be more than perfect !

Thank You once again,
Sharon W.


I want to let you know that our movers were fantastic! Brian, our driver, and his co-worker Jerry could not possibly have been nicer and more helpful. They worked outrageously hard both in San Antonio and throughout the Thanksgiving holiday week here in Miami. I felt horribly that they weren't with their own families that week and I remain utterly humbled by their sacrifice and kindness. We shared a nice Thanksgiving meal with them at our temporary home in Coconut Grove which could not have been more perfect considering how completely thankful I am to have had such amazing guys helping us move.

If I somehow missed a Beltmann survey regarding their performance and our satisfaction, kindly resend it. I would be horrified to think we overlooked a "formal" opportunity to sing their praises loudly. George and I have relocated 7 times via corporate relo services and have never had such careful, considerate and diligent movers. I would highly encourage Beltmann to acknowledge both Brian and Jerry for their outstanding customer service, amazing attention to detail and unwavering professionalism. They kept me sane and laughing even at the most stressful moments!

It must also be noted that our belongings arrived here and were delivered in perfect order. The only things that got damaged were broken by me as I too quickly unpacked several fragile items.

Beth S.


Hi Shari,

Great thanks to You and your Crew!!!! The guys did an unbelievable job loading and unloading - sweet and friendly guys. Nothing broken and everything was wrapped and taken care of so well I couldn't be happier - thanks to all of you!


Elisabeth W.



I want to let you know how highly we think of the crew that helped us move: Jeremiah, Keith and Lee. This was our best move and the best crew we've had.

The three men work well together. They have differing strengths which complement each other. They were polite, respectful, professional and uncomplaining. Beyond that they were pleasant to have around.

Thank you for all your help,

Ana M.

Ian, Michele

Thank you for taking care of this so quickly.

Ian, I hope you did receive my email right after the move in July telling you how seamless, perfect it was and that the building here in DC, the Wyoming, wanted the information on your moving company to recommend it to all in the building as the best and most professional.  And of course, I gave them the details.  The building people are pretty picky and stiff on rules...and they were floored by the professionalism of my move!!!

Many thanks again, 



I’m sure you’ll hear from my wife Jenene at some point but I just wanted to pass along our praises. We have moved a few times across the country and dealt with a number of movers. Your staff was by far the most professional, customer focused, and pleasant to work with!

Both the packing crew and the moving crew were great. Let me point out a few highlights:

When your packers came to our Condo I happened to be taking out trash from our clean up, they immediately jumped in, took the trash from me and carried it all to our dumpsters, they did not have to do that but they seemed tuned into the little things that make a big difference. Each person shook my hand and introduced themselves, they were extremely fast, polite, and helpful. They really made the packing experience a positive one instead of an exhausting and frustrating one with other movers!

Your moving crew was just as great, fast, polite, professional, and helpful. Going the extra mile in every way and leaving our Condo in great shape making it easier for us to clean and vacate. When the crew went to our storage unit they ran into some problems which really let them shine. First the amazing talents of your driver; most drivers cannot get back into our storage unit, the one who moved us in (United) did not even try and had his crew walk everything in to avoid a tight maneuver, the manager at the storage unit indicated most drivers don’t even try to pull in because it’s so hard and park across the street and walk everything over.  Not your guy, his crew all jumped out and guided him right up to our unit - the storage staff was amazed!

There was lots of water and mold damage to our stored items due to a leaking roof and walls, it was a surprise to us all and instead of complaining your crew dealt with it, helped us make decisions, and were sympathetic to our loss. They made it less painful to see most of our belongings destroyed and helped us sift through what looked salvageable while keeping us on track. Again they were awesome!

Yes this is a bit long but I know people often don’t take the time to praise a job well done. We truly appreciated your well trained and very helpful staff and will recommend you to anyone we know who is moving in the future.

Mr. M


Andrew, the original driver on my move, was awesome. He was professional, courteous, helpful, knowledgeable, and just a great guy. He did everything possible to make sure I was satisfied and my move experience exceeded my expectations which it did. I have moved with a relocation company in the past and this experience was 200% better and they even did a good job. I had an issue with the car transport coming to get my car in a timely manner. Andrew overheard my concerns, knew I was dealing with a time constraint, and he took action. He made a phone call and the car transport company was on the phone with me in minutes. That is what I call exceptional service. Also, Andrew was unable to complete my move due to a family matter which I completely understand. The other employee handled the delivery equally as well but Andrew still called me afterwards to make sure I was satisfied. That blew me away. If I could hire Andrew, I wouldn't hesitate. You have an asset on your hands. Please tell Andrew I said HI and if I ever move again, I will specifically request Beltmann and Andrew handle everything.

Frank T


Hi Jo

I wanted to inform you that my move went great. Frank was professional, courteous, and reliable.

Thank you so much for accommodating my schedule.

Kellie L


Hello Randy.  We have talked to several moving firms and I am happy to tell you that we think Beltmann offers the best overall package for our move to Allentown, PA.  I might add that you, Randy, had a major positive impact on that decision!  Your enthusiasm and obvious knowledge and experience were reassuring.

We look forward to hearing from you soon as part of what we trust will be a great moving experience.

Bob K


I recently moved from Florida to Texas as I needed to be with family in the hopes to get a kidney transplant. North American Moving Services was able to make that transition an easy one for me. From the people in the office to the drivers and movers involved they let me know that I had nothing to worry about. This company employs professional workers who are courteous, helpful and very respectful of one's belongings. I am forever grateful for the kindness they showed me as I go through this most difficult time in my life. I firmly recommend North American for all your moving needs. Bless you! 

Steven D. F


Dear Kathy and Ruth,

We could not have been happier with the wonderful support you provided to us during our move from Cambridge, Massachusetts, to St. Louis Park, Minnesota.  Despite the glitch of the No Parking Sign dates on the sign in front of our Cambridge apartment, we were able to find a spot for the Sterling moving truck and proceed with the move.

So you get five stars from us for a terrific job. Moving is incredibly stressful at any time of life, but it is particularly so when a retired couple is moving from one part of the country to another.  Having such wonderful people supporting us in the process makes a world of difference!

Thank you to Ruth, especially, for taking all my calls and answering all my questions.  We have unpacked all the boxes and have had only two casseroles broken. Packed by Owner, so you have not a concern here.  And quite honestly, there is so much STUFF here that I am glad not to have to find a place for them!

Thank you, thank you for everything.

Lenesa L


Dear Ian:

The moved went smooth.  One of the best moves I have made.  They were perfect and on time.  I could not ask for a better team for moving.  Thanks for all your help.

David P


The move went wonderfully! We were so pleased from the original estimate to the last box unloaded! Everyone was so professional and helpful! This was our first move with a moving company and our expectations were exceeded! Thank you for helping to make a stressful, anxious time more bearable! We have unpacked and broken down the boxes and would love to have someone come pick up all the boxes.  Thank you again!

Susan O


The move went wonderfully, everything arrived on time and intact. The movers were great, they were very professional, organized and courteous. I thank you all very much for a seamless move, it made the rigors of moving much easier to handle. Additionally, I thank you personally for all the boxes and the bars for the wardrobe boxes, it was a great help, you guys are the best!

Matilda C


Good morning Ian and Michelle! I wanted to let you know that John and I have made it to Indiana and are starting to get settled in. Last week was such a long week with all the moving that was going on. Monday started our week with the packing of our house. It was amazing how fast those guys were able to pack our entire life into cardboard boxes. Michelle called a few times on Monday and Tuesday to make sure everything was going ok; definitely made me feel reassured that there were so many people that care about the quality of work being performed! Tuesday was the loading of the truck It was such a quick process, I hardly even knew what was going on! Then Friday was the delivery of our belongings. What an amazing job Travis and his crew did the entire week. We could not have asked for a better group of guys. Every person on the crew was incredibly kind and professional. Now that the unpacking has begun, I see what Ian warned me about with all the paper! They certainly did not hold back on using paper. The funniest thing I found was a handful of coins that must have been on the floor that got wrapped up and put in a box!

I would not ever hesitate for a second if someone asked me for a recommendation for a moving company. I am more than pleased with the entire process; from the first time Ian stepped into my home, to the delivery of our belongings at our new home in Indiana.

Katherine S


After our many moves and several unfortunate experiences in those moves over the past 20 years you and your team at North American Beltmann made this a great and wonderful experience for us.

Everything you said you would do you and your company did with class and professionalism. Everything from providing packing boxes to the move in itself was extremely well done.

You came as promised to wrap the glass tops on several pieces of furniture to protect them from breaking. Well done! as the attached pictures will show, they all arrived in the same condition as they were before your wrapping.

The driver, Steve and his helpers were true professionals from loading to unloading.

Your estimate of the amount of space needed for our stuff was right on target due to both your estimate of needed space and great packing by the drive team. Due to a large military family load already on the truck, not an inch of space was left when the doors closed.

We had used each of the other companies for other moves over the years. Ian did not have the lowest price in our 4 estimates from national movers but he certainly provided the most professional service we have had in all of our moves.

Ron & Diane G


The service we received from you and everyone else at North American was Excellent.

You were knowledgable and professional. Accurate too. You estimated 6136 pounds and it came in at 6060 (I assume we'll get a check for that small difference).

The driver (Justin) was great and kept us informed the whole time. The only snafu was that the apt leasing agent told us that the moving van could get into the apt complex.

Rich & Merle.


It went very smoothly. Everybody was there when they said they would be and very professional. Took great care of our items and delivered them safely. If we ever move again, North American will get our business. We have recommended North American to others already.

Eric E


Move went great. Robinson and Carlos were wonderful. Very personable and courteous. Nothing damaged and everything arrived the way it left. They came a day earlier too, which was nice. Thanks again for all your help and for the boxes.

Jenny B


Just wanted to write you a quick note to thank you again for all your help with my move! It was a complicated affair, with the inclusion of deliveries to my brother and cousin, both in Utah though at separate deliveries. All of my things arrived safely- not a thing broken! The driver, Matt, called me a couple of days before he delivered to make sure the scheduling worked for me- then he and I were in close contact via text and phone messages until he arrived- making sure he could find our place without trouble, and in a timely manner. When he arrived, he had been expecting another helper- who never showed up. Matt unloaded everything himself, and was so courteous- he made sure the front door closed b/w each entrance to make sure none of our cats got out. Then, he would stand for a moment and ask, “where does this go?”- carefully placing everything exactly where it was meant to go- even upstairs! He also asked me to open two of the boxes, that looked a bit crunched on the top, while he was there, to make sure nothing had broken inside. His pleasant manner and care with every item should really be commended- it’s very rare to see such dedication and personal service and outright care from any kind of employee!

This was my 4th cross-country move (whole house and partial loads included) with North American van Lines. I have been so thoroughly impressed with them each and every time I’ve used them- the same courteousness from drivers, the same level of personal attention and the same care for every item- every time! I always recommend North American and would never move with anyone else- I trust the company implicitly and have had such positive experiences every time I’ve used them.

Thanks again, for your level of care and personal attention- you made this very emotional process go smoothly and easily- which is MUCH appreciated!

Maggie L


Dawn - You have offered us a competitive rate, you were very well prepared and professional during your site visit, and my wife felt that you really stand behind your company and you had a very positive attitude and wanted to work with us.

We did receive some moving quotes that had a lower price point, but price is not the only consideration. Your presentation and your timely follow up with the quote are other factors that made our choice easy to go with you.

Jeff H

The moving team far exceeded our expectations. 
Eduardo was very professional and pleasant to work with. He delivered all of our belongings in a safe and timely manner.
Rob Wolfe and Kim Sizemore also performed excellently in their roles.
We'd recommend this moving service to anyone and would ask for their help again with any future moves without hesitation.
Thank you so much to all involved!  This was far and away the best moving experience we've ever had!

Andy and Nicole L

I've moved 13 times over the years and this was my best move. Your people were excellent with the care they took and they were just nice to be around. I had to get 2 storage units and they arranged it so I had what was needed up front and they used the space better than I could have. As you know, you spent at least 10 hours total with them so that says a lot! Please let them know they were appreciated.

Karen M

To Beltmann Relocation Group

Our move from Surprise AZ to Fort Collins Co.  Was fantastic.  The driver, Kelso was consider and responsible.  He manage his crew with a firm hand and a nice appropriate humor.

The three members introduced themselves and I think their names were Carlos, Gilbert, and a young guy who did a great job of space management.      At Fort Collins Kelso was on time  and his crew was equally as good.  I do not recall their names, but they were courteous and very capable.

I would use North American in a heartbeat. Thank you also for Rob Wolf estimate of our possessions.

Raejean and Keith B

Hi Kim,
I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated you and your team at Beltmann Group for assisting in my move from Globe to Gilbert, AZ, this week. Everyone I had contact with was very professional and helpful. Your customer service went above and beyond my expectations.

Special thanks to yourself, Rob Wolf, Mark and Jeff in dispatch and the guys who moved my belongings, Steve, Lupe, Joe and Chewy.

Geri L

Hello To All,

I just wanted to let everyone know that the large move we had on Saturday 10/6/2012 of Ms. Jones load going from Scottsdale to Solvang went great!  Please pass it on to Russ and William  and their crews.  I appreciated all they did that day for Ms. Jones and Mrs. Lewis (the 2nd move of the day).

Great coordination on their part as well as everyone at Beltmann for all they do for Moving You Simply.  I appreciate everyone's patience with me and understanding all I do for the client to make it a smooth transition for them for both of our companies.

Please pass this email along to Maddy and Dan; as I do not have their email addresses.

Debbie M

Mr. Pelfrey,
My name is Billy O. and I work for Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co...  I have worked for Goodyear for over 23 years and have moved now 7 times. I would like for you to know that the team that moved us from Buffalo NY to Greensboro North Carolina were the "Best" my wife and I have experienced bar none.  Was everything perfect? No, but by far... they made it right even if they had nothing to do with it.  Making things right when you had nothing to do with it creates value and this team did just that through out the whole process.

and Betty best drivers we have ever had..... Nino and crew best packers and unpackers we have ever had.....

Created Value:

  • Pleasant Personalities
  • Protectors of Movers  Property
  • Worked with a Sense of Urgency
  • Genuinely Cared
  • Trust Worthy
  • Committed to Doing a Good job
  • Same Packing and Unloading Crew

Mr. Pelfrey, If I should have to move for the 8th time with Goodyear.... My wife and I are willing to wait till Jeff, Betty and Nino's team are available. Hats off to you and the executive class division of the Beltmann Group..... we thank you for a stress free move!!!! Job well done.

Billy O.

Hi Martin!

I am writing to make you aware of the excellent service that I had from one of your drivers. Humberto was my driver for North American Van Lines, and drove my belongings form Lewis Center, Ohio to Casper, Wyoming. He was very pleasant and hard working, and made sure that everything was loaded and unloaded from the truck very carefully. He delivered my belongings on the day that he said he would. If it was possible to request drivers, I would recommend him to everyone I know who is moving. He worked very hard on loading and delivery days. He deserves extra recognition and bonuses for his strong work ethic and pleasant attitude.

Heather E.

My relo was pretty straight forward, minimal household goods and one vehicle. I was absolutely impressed with the friendly, thorough customer service from Anna May and Sam Brown. All arrangements were taken care of, my goods and truck were picked up exactly as planned. Everything arrived exactly as planned. The rental cars and airline arrangements were almost flawless (the movie on the airplane was pretty bad). Probably not your fault...truly was a first class experience. Thank you very much. Made my move an enjoyable experience.

Douglas M.

Just wanted to take a moment to thank you and your staff for the successful move at Holiday Park School on May 25 and 26, 2012. Your staff provided excellent service and remained "on task" at all times. They were organized and worked well with the school staff.

It was a bonus to the District you were able to complete the task by the end of the day on Saturday, May 26, 2012. I know extra effort was given to make this happen.

Once again I appreciate the efforts of you and your staff for our most successful relocation yet!

Christine R.

Hey Steve,

Our family has moved a number of times all over the country with Beltmann. In 1988 we moved from Rochester, MI to Sarasota, Florida and recently we moved to Carefree, AZ from Sarasota, FL and my daughter just moved from Phoenix back to Chicago. All of our moves with Beltmann have been great. I even remember as a little kid in the 60's getting a North American Van Line truck when we moved to California! How fun was that!

This last move from Phoenix to Chicago with Mike Sherman and his gang was really great. Getting that big 75 foot rig into the City of Chicago is no easy feat and Mike did a fantastic job, his crew were all just so nice and professional.

I can't say enough good things about North American Van Lines or Mike Sherman and his crew.

Just wanted to let you know we're another very satisfied customer and have been for years and years.

Barb H.

Dear Beltmann Management Team

I wanted to let you know about an experience I recently had with Dawn in the Orlando office. I was working with Sealy to get a bed delivered to me. My timeline was very tight and I had a lot of concerns. Before I even placed the order, Dawn was giving me instructions and guidance. Sealy ended up dropping the ball but Dawn was with me the entire way. She followed up regularly and even called Sealy for me. I have to tell you that I work with some of the BEST Customer Services professionals in the industry and Dawn is definitely in that crowd. You are very lucky to have an employee as passionate and caring as Dawn. THANKS!

Marc, Walt Disney World Entertainment

Dear Rosie

I'm sorry it's taken me so long to write this letter. I wanted to thank you and your company so much for the great service we received on our move from Kansas City to Phoenix Arizona. Everything from start to finish was first rate. In this day and age it's hard to find companies who handle themselves in such a professional way. Thanks so much!


Beltmann Relocation Group Management

I wanted to write a quick and simple note letting you know how thankful I am for such a wonderful and stress free move. I have had the pleasure working with Jennifer Smith, Kathy Harding, Ben Stone, and his crew; Dave, John, Mike, Robbie, and Tyler.

Jennifer did a wonderful job explaining your service offerings as well as giving me the confidence that her team would be servicing me through the move. Being in constant communication with Kathy was such a relief. She always kept me informed and made sure I understood every step of the way. Kathy followed up with me on several occasions since the move; she is spectacular. Ben Stone is a true character. He and his crew work hard and efficient. I have yet to find anything ruined or broken. They packed, delivered, and unloaded all of my belongings in great condition. All of the workers were friendly, polite, and wonderful people to spend several days with. I have the utmost confidence and respect for all of those involved in our move.

This was our families first corporate move but I can assure you it won't be our last...more importantly we will definitely be calling this crew again!

Thanks for everything, Lauren


This is to advise you of the terrific experience we had with Brian Crusan, Beltmann Relocation Group Driver, in our recent pack & load of our household goods last week. Brian's attention to detail, quality control processes, ability to communicate and lead his team through the process was impressive. He is truly a "professional" keeping us at ease through the (3) day experience.

It is a defining moment when virtually all of your worldly possessions leave in a vehicle with their care at the hands of one individual. Brian earned our trust and confidence, making us comfortable our things are in very goods hands. Brian and his team exceeded our expectations and were highly responsive to any of our requests. It is important to note this is our 10th relocation/move and our experience in this first leg ranks this as number #1. Please pass on my compliments to Brian.

Best regards,
Steve & Sally


Thanks for reaching out. Derek and his team were INCREDIBLE! Truly top notch service and a great and friendly team. I cannot say enough about how much they helped us through the process. Derek is a thorough professional and a great manager of his team. He also is an excellent communicator at every stage.

We have moved more often than I have liked, and this was the most complex move we've ever done...even more so than our move from California, so I give complete credit to Derek for taking care of us and keeping us sane and happy!

I would happily be a reference for Derek if you would ever need someone to speak to another client.

All the best,


I am so sorry not to have returned your call! It's been so hectic. Ruben was fantastic and I do not have any claims. They did a super job and all of you have been so great to deal with I can't thank you enough.

Thanks again,